Thursday, December 31, 2009

Poo-TEEN, not poo-TAIN

My friend Ronna has a new-ish blog she calls the Poutine Chronicles, which I believe I have mentioned elsewhere on Knatolee's World. She also made a fabulous faux poutine cake, and I have stolen the photo to post here:

It's so fabulous, it even made our local newspaper!

And amazingly, poutine is finally spreading across the continent. For a long time, you only ever saw it in its province of origin (Québec) and perhaps far-eastern Ontario. But now you can get poutine everywhere, including New York City:

Poutine is, of course, a cardiologist's nightmare: French fries topped with gravy and squeaky fresh cheese curds. But I must admit, I like a good poutine. After all, my favourite foods are cheese and potatoes. And you can even find vegan poutine if you look hard enough! And who can forget poutine latkes?

And the toppings now go beyond cheese curds. At Pan Chancho in Kingston, I saw poutine made with yam and potatos frites, spicy BBQ rib and aged cheddar. Other toppings found on top of poutine include hot dogs, ground beef, and pulled pork. I think the sky's the limit these days when it comes to adding cholesterol to poutine.

But please, it's pronounced "poo-TEEN" not "poo-TAIN." If you're not careful about that, you'll find yourself ordering a whore instead of a nice plate of fries with curds and gravy!

Now go find yourself a plate of this fresh, hot, Quebecois delight.

And here's a link for my friend Claudia, and anyone else looking for reviews of poutine in Toronto:

Thanks to Ronna, from whose blog I stole this link, the video, and the cake photo! :)


  1. No worries Knatolee. Nice seeing my cake on your site!

  2. Anonymous2:46 pm

    Hahaaha! Do you want fries with that whore? :)

  3. Poutine sounds delicious. I will make sure I eat it in handy reach if a defibrillator! Happy New Year Knatolee

  4. Thak you Ronna!

    TTPT, you kill me. HAHAHAHA!

    Jams, get the vegan version and you'll be well pleased... right before the old pumper gives out and you start going towards the light! ;) Happy New Year!

  5. Thanks for the link to my poutinetoronto blog! I'm a big fan of Poutine Chronicles as well...that cake is incredible.

  6. My pleasure, Poutine Queen. Torontonians need an education on all things Poutine-a-licious!

    And yes, Ronna's poutine cake is epic!

  7. I love poutine!!!!


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