Thursday, December 03, 2009


Here's a collection of weirdlings from the past few years...

Is it just me, or does Santa look tanked? Christmas Party 2005

Our TV, 2005. Why? Why did I take this photo of a hand holding a syringe? I don't know.

Yo, squirrel. You are not a bird. And stop gnawing that feeder! (British Columbia, 2006)

Headless! Our lovely English Setter Tara, bless her little doggy soul in heaven, 2006.

Frank Lloyd Wright is so frigging HOT! Madison, Wisconsin 2006.

Facials from days gone by... c. 2005


And now, back to your regularly-scheduled weirdnesses....


  1. Your regularly-scheduled weirdness...

  2. Santa is definitely tanked! And I've never seen a black squirrel before. How cool.

  3. We have a park in Pittsburgh Pa, in an area called Squirrel Hill that is littered with black squirrels.

  4. That's a good Wiki article, Sunnyside! I remember there being bazillions of black squirrels in Toronto (and I see that the article features a photo of one!) Genny, they are a "melanistic subset" of grey squirrels, i.e. mutants. ;)

  5. HWB, that was MAGNIFICENT! I like the excessive use of chickens!

  6. Santa IS wasted! I get a black squirrel every once in awhile, but the real vandals are the raccoons! No way can I have a feeder without a baffle to keep them off. I got a cute squirrel feeder for corn cobs, attached it to a tree, and the raccoons had it shredded that very night.

  7. ha ha ha loved all of your wired photos

  8. Lisa, we had a major raccoon takeover at our feeders at our last place, but they don't see as interested here. RATS are another issue (we live on a farm.) We put up baffles to keep them the heck out of the feeders!

    Sue, are you sure you still want me to visit? ;)

  9. That wasn't excessive use of chickens...

    THIS is excessive use of chickens.


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