Thursday, December 31, 2009

Not the brightest lights in dogdom!

Here are my dogs Sophie and Tristan at the start of our wood lot, barking at the echo of their own barking! They thought two other dogs were hiding in the trees. The way they were carrying on, I thought it might be a moose.


(I took this using the video option on my cheap little Canon Powershot! I'm amazed the quality is as good as it is.)


  1. Cute little video! Our rescue lab/retriever mix, Maximus probably hasn't barked more than 20 times since we adopted him a year ago Dec. 6th. Yes, that is a good thing but he may still have use for some "voice lessons" from Sophie and Tristan. LOL. Happy New Year to all of you.

  2. God, Knatty, don't get me started on dogs. I like the movie The Dogfather but frankly, I hate dogs in general. (Well, I hate everyone in general).

    But I met this dog that I genuinely like, who actually likes me . . . and that's a tough call for me. But I miss that little fuzzy thyroidy-eyed face on this cold winter night.

    So enjoy those smelly, messy, demanding perpetrators of baddom and just pray they aren't chickens! Cuz I be comin' for the chickens.

    Dogs don't taste good with Dijon sauce.

    Merry everything! We'll all be a year older tomorrow!

  3. Chef Nick, you are a bad bad evil bad man who hates dogs and wants to eat my chickens, but I like you anyway! And my chickens can take you.

    Happy happy!

  4. Paula, I hate to tell you this, but when we rescued Sophie and Tristan, they were good as gold for an entire year. Then Sophie started to relax... hahaha! She's actually not too bad about barking, but when she arrived she barely made a peep! Now she barks when she thinks she has a very good reason. I don't know what was going on in the wood lot yesterday to set all that silliness off.

    But Maximus (love the name!) sounds like a very good boy! Happy New Year to you, too.

  5. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Cute video! I was wandering around and found your Blog.
    Happy New Year!!
    Gerardine Baugh

  6. ha ha sooooooo cute. Do give them a pat and a belly rub from me

  7. Happy New Year Knatolee to you, your husband, your pets and especially your chickens!

  8. What Jams said!!!! Times ten.

  9. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Too precious!

    My daughter's dog is quite literally afraid of her shadow.

  10. Dusty puppy loved your video. He's at the window right now looking for some friends!
    Not a bright light either!!

  11. Gerardine, thank you and I like your blog!

    Sue, pats and belly rubs were delivered.

    Jams, same to you and Not Wife, and the chickens send you kisses.

    Merrily, your daughter's dog wouldn't do too well around here. ;) Lots of scary things that go bump in the woods.

    And Freshisle, my apologies to Dusty for getting him all excited over nothin'!


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