Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year, bloggy friends!

Happy New Year, bloggy friends! Hope 2010 is happy, healthy and prosperous for you all. Gordon got this solar-powered waving Queen Elizabeth in his Christmas stocking.

For Christmas 2009, I did almost all my shopping, buying handmade gifts from a whack of talented artisans.

From Etsy artist Protean, I got Gordon a white voodoo bunny for his stocking, and received this bonus fuschia voodoo bun for myself! I haven't had the heart to stick pins in her yet. Mainly I need to keep her out of the clutches of my cat Naomi!

Another artist sent my purchases in this box:

Now, none of this has anything to do with what I ordered. But I am very, very curious about the "monkey fart." "Southern magnolia" and "vanilla bean" sounded a bit like candle scents to me, so I was wondering if someone, somewhere, makes a candle that emits the aroma of monkey farts? And just what DOES a monkey fart smell like, anyway? Fermenting bananas?

On to prettier topics. I took some photos in the woodlot the other day.

This was a large frozen puddle that had developed ice crystals that I found very beautiful.

A happy Sophie running back up from the river.

Old fence post wearing a snow hat.

A gnarly old tree.

Tree bark.

More tree bark.

Winter is definitely here!


  1. Good for you for doing mostly handmade gifts for Christmas. I try to do that too. Happy New Year to you and yours...

  2. Love ths photos. And monkey farts? Hmmm. Not sure I'd like a candle smelling like that although it might be better than some of those sickly sweet fruity ones!

  3. Thanks for posting the nice photos. I especially like the frozen puddle with ice crystals. As for the mystery of the monkey farts???

  4. Ooh beautiful scenery Knatolee! I love the waving Queen!

  5. Paula! Thank you so much for clearing up the monkey fart mystery. That's just hilarious.

    Happy New Year, Laura-Jane. Hope you have another fun year on the farm.

    Ronna, the monkey fart candle does sound like it smells pretty good: "'Monkey Farts' is anything but disgusting. It's a combination of fresh ripe bananas, juicy grapefruit with hints of strawberries and vanilla. Light and refreshing!"

    Jams, the Queen is waving at you. She's only in Canada briefly before she returns to the motherland. ;)

  6. Monkey Farts!!???

    I wanna get that type of candle for Sam!!! Too hilarious!!!

    Your photos are beautiful Natalie!
    The next time I'm out that way I wanna visit your farm! Gotta get me some of those awesome shots!!!
    (but I'm not coming when it's cold)
    hee hee
    Hugs from your wimpy BC friend!

  7. I love your photos - I too enjoy finding special ones - I particularly love the frozen puddle - beautiful!

  8. Happy New Year's, Knatty! Hi to the hens and chickies and doggy dogs and Evil Gordini!

    Brigitte and Nick

  9. Great photos. Canada is such a beautiful country! Brag...Brag...Brag...Fun gifts for hubby, Knatolee. Beat boring ties...

  10. That is a pretty cool Queen.

    Happy New Year to you too.

  11. Tracey, the chickens would love to meet you.

    Thanks everyone for the New Year's wishes, and Claudia, I agree with you about Canada. :)

  12. Hello, I was wondering if you are selling your orange waving queen. Its my grandmothers 90th birthday and she collects them, and this is the only one she doesn't have and I have seen no one with one!


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