Monday, January 11, 2010

Deer me!

After skiing Saturday, our friends spied some deer on the way out of the parking lot. They backed up their minivan to illuminate the deer in the headlights for us, and I took a video with my digicam:


  1. This has a beautiful mood, the light, the subject and the music. Too short tho'.

  2. Yes, it's a short clip. Too bad I didn't have my proper video cam! There were four deer, I think, but some left before I got them on camera.
    The music is Dawn's Ballet from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode, "Once More, With Feeling"

  3. I cannot download the deer video.
    But can I say that I just love those skiing shots and the post-WWII black and white photos?
    Oh, I guess I have just done that!
    Love the blog, etc., etc.

  4. Beautiful! Please, be careful when they cross the roads. There have been serious accidents really bad for both drivers and deers. That's my mom's voice, Knatolee. Forgive me.:)

  5. Glad to make you happy,Newsman. :) One day, high=speed internet will come to us all. I'm still waitin'.

    Claudia, I know several people around here who have hit deer (including Ronna the Poutine Goddess.) I always keep my eyes peeled, especially at dusk and night. I'm just glad we don't have too many moose hanging around here, as they tend to kill people when they hit cars!


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