Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gordini's Special Day

Today is my favourite person's BIRTHDAY, and it's also the first time, in the 21 birthdays we've been together, that I am not going to see him on his special day, because he is stuck up in Fort Frances on business. This totally sucks, particularly since it means I have no excuse to bake and eat a birthday cake today.

So • • H A P P YB I R T H D A Y • • Gordon, and I hope you have a great day and that someone at least gives you a cupcake. Make sure you at least have a nice dessert at Fort Frances' finest restaurant tonight.

Je t'aime!


The chickens send kisses, as do the dogs and cats. The gecko is not interested, as per usual.


  1. Happy Birthday Gordon!

  2. Anonymous8:26 am

    International B-day acclaim! I feel honoured! The world' best wife! (Sorry Nancy, the competition is fierce)


  3. Happy Birthday Gordon! Hoping that Natalie has a cake waiting for you when you get back from Ft. Frances. It's never to late to celebrate :)

  4. Happy Birthday, Gordon!
    Have come to love you as comic relief in Natalie's world of beasts, nature! :o)

  5. Happy birthday Gordon!!

  6. Happy Birthday Gordon!
    I feel I know you from Nathalie's blog!

  7. Happy Birthday, Gordon.

  8. Belted birthday wishes. I hope you got a chance to have a humungous cake today!

  9. Happy belated b'day wishes Gordon! May you have more chickens and eggs (which ever comes first!) and many more chances to use your electric saw! ;o)

  10. I just happened on to this post because I was seeking chicken blogs, but since I am here, Bonne Fete, Gordon!

  11. Gordon very much appreciated all your birthday wishes up in chilly Fort Frances. Thank you everyone!

  12. Yay, Evil Gordini! You're THIRTY NINE yet again!

    Maybe in this, your fortieth year, you can shed your "Evil" status!

    Nelson would like that!

    And your wife is a spy, by the way, even though she pretends to be an innocent animal-loving, pastoral soul. WATCH it when she goes away on weekends with only a vague excuse.

    Yay! Gordini is 39!

  13. You have a gecko????

  14. Chef Nick, Gordo is probably closer to 39 than either of us! :) And yes, we have a leopard gecko who will soon turn 17!

    Gordon was very pleased with all the birthday wishes. He likes to live vicariously through me.

  15. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Hey Natalie,

    Sorry I forgot to bring a cupcake but we did sing happy birthday and ensured he got some dessert!


  16. why thank you Sara! You done good! ;)


Thank you for all your comments, which I love to read!