Saturday, January 23, 2010

iMoo... do you?

Evidently more than eleven people are reading my blog, because last week I received a request from the extremely genial Patrick at Panda Club Productions. He asked me to review the company's new iPhone/iTouch App, iMoo. I was graciously offered a free copy, but because iTunes didn't like the fact that I am Canadian and thus refused my special code (I always have been special), I threw caution to the wind and spent 99 cents Canada on the App. And I am most pleased I did!

Years ago, a friend of mine gave me a baaaa-ing "sheep-in-can." But after moving across the country twice and living in four provinces, I discovered that my "sheep-in-a-can" had gone to that great coyote lunchbox in the sky. No more did it "baa" its plaintive "baa", seeking release from the can. No, it crapped out and for quite some time, I have been bereft, left alone in the world without my disembodied farm-animal-in-a-can.

But now I can smile again, because not only do I live on a real farm with a bunch of hooligan chickens, I can now whip out my iPod Touch and experience the joy I once only felt when tipping my sheep-in-a-can. That's because I am now the proud owner of iMOO. Yes, yes, I know it's bovine, not ovine, but in my opinion that's an improvement, because as much as sheep rock, COWS ROCK MORE! (Visit my Cow Diaries and you'll see why.)

Here's how the iMoo works. You install the App, fire it up, and then turn your iPhone or iPod Touch upsidedown, then right-side up. Out comes a glorious MOOOOO! But not just any MOOOOO! You have a choice of seven different moo sounds (like "La vache qui rit"), and if your iPhone or iPod Touch has a microphone (mine doesn't, damn it!), you can even record your own mooing sounds (and I can only imagine what else. I'd be partial to a "fart-in-a-can", but my husband would not approve.)

I am most pleased with iMoo and would recommend it to anyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch and a sense of humour. The graphics are very appealing, the sounds are cowishly delightful, and it's cheap fun. No doubt kids would love it, and since I never grew up, I am in bovine love. Go treat yourself to a virtual can of Holstein happiness!

PS: Not only was I NOT paid or rewarded in anyway for writing all this, I even spent my own dime on my copy of iMoo, so you can trust me when I say I am writing from the heart! I do so love amusing apps, and the Panda Club website is pretty darn hilarious too.


  1. Makes me want to buy an iPhone even more!

  2. Growing up on the dairy, I got my fill of the moo's. I'm done.

  3. Hmm. I think I may need to get this.

  4. Anonymous11:57 am

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  5. Sorry... I really didn't mean to be anonymous...

  6. Just wanted to say thank you again Natalie for the very kind review for iMoo. We are very glad you enjoyed it so! That makes us very happy pandas here! We have started work on a revision, which when we release it we will definitely pass it along to you!

  7. Ah, Panda Lord, it came from the heart! And you are a really great guy to work with, not that much work was involved on my part.

    But Panda Lord is kind of bringing to mind Led Zeppelin singing "We are your overlords!" Hahahaha!

    Seriously, I look forward to future Panda creations for my iPod.

  8. James, I can completely udderstand (har har) why you don't need and never will need a cow-in-a-can. But what about POOR LUKAS?!! ;)

  9. Nice to meet you JQ, and your blog is great. Your farm looks quite wonderful.

    Ronna, I LOVE my iPod Touch. Anniversary gift from Gordon! When the Touch become outdated, I will ditch my 2003 flip cell-phone and just get the full iPhone!

  10. We need an iMo now. Mary M


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