Sunday, January 10, 2010

107 grams of yolky goodness

Somebody laid another whopper yesterday, at 107 grams! Gotta love those hens.


  1. It's got to be the good food you give them.
    What are you going to do with all those eggs?

  2. you make me want chickens!

  3. Are you sure they are not baby ostriches??

  4. Monika, there is a surprisingly huge demand for our eggs. We are allowed, as hobby farmers, to sell a certain amount "from the farm gate." Right now we can't keep up with demand, and the girls are putting out between 5 - 6 dozen eggs per week.

    Mo, chickens are AWESOME.

    Jams, they are hybrid birds. Perhaps someone worked in some ostrich!

  5. You can sell your eggs? Do you think some of your chickens would like to live with me in Toronto? I'll give them my bedroom, if they give me some eggs. Can hardly wait....

  6. Are those little stripped curtains to their little dens?
    Boy, you really love the girls to sew them curtains!
    I guess this is why you get humungus eggs!

  7. I agree with Mo!!!!!!!

    Tell him Henrieta's Homemade Chicken Soup are the best.:-)))

    And is so good for you in this kind of weather.


  8. Do you find two yolks in these huge ones? if so these are double eggs.

    Anyway is that Hubbard or Golden Comet hens you have?

    My father had a Hen Farm years ago when I was a Kid of 10 years. It's so nice to have Hens around you....

    I still can remember the excitement you get when you find an egg in the coop.....

  9. Claudia, we are allowed to sell a certain number of eggs from the "farm gate." My chickens would love to live with you, but they get kind of dusty, so you'd probably want to bathe them frequently. :) They are wonderfully cuddly on your lap, and you can even buy chicken diapers!

  10. Elisabeth, those are actually old tea towels that weren't fit for kitchen use anymore. Gordon is the "seamstress": he cut them in half and stapled them to the nestboxes. The girls were much happier after we put them up. They do like privacy when they are laying.

  11. Willie, you are evil. If you didn't make such good cinnamon buns, I'd disown you. You, Chef Nick, and Happy Wombat Boy are all a little TOO interested in chicken soup!!! Bad, bad men. Bad!

  12. Heshantha, our chickens are Harco Black Sex-Links (the black ones) and Shaver Red Sex-Links (the reddish brown ones.) They are hybrid breeds. The black chickens are a half-pound to a pound larger than the red ones and lay somewhat larger eggs. They are bred to lay all year and are dual-purpose, so you COULD put them in the stewpot, but that will NEVER HAPPEN here. My chickens will pushing walkers in a retirement coop!

    I do indeed find double yolks in the huge eggs, and in fact I often find double yolks in some of the more normal-sized ones. That's so wonderful you grew up with chickens. I love collecting the eggs each day and I don't think I'll ever get tired of that! :)


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