Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hens love snow-flecked boots!

More silliness with the digicam video option! The hens love to peck snow off my boots.


  1. This is hilarious Natalie!

    I love the sounds that chickens make.
    I remember when Shaun and I used to mimic the chickens next door.
    The neighbours barn was right next to our back yard...
    We sucked at it but had fun!!!

  2. I agree, Tracey. I love the sound chickens make too. Nat, I'd love to read a blog about keeping your chicken coop, how often to clean, how to clean, what you use, how easy it is. I find this stuff fascinating.

  3. Tracey, I'm amazed by the vocalizations of chickens. One day, one of the girls was on our back deck (!) and saw Naomi-kitty through the window. She started making the alarm call some chicken books describe as a rebel yell. I was peeing myself laughing.

    Genny, a chicken blog. Let me think about that! I could do that!


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