Thursday, January 28, 2010

More fabulous hen poetry

And a surreal chicken photo:

One of my readers just left this most FANTASTIC poetry in the comments section of my Hen Haiku:


Haiku was ready.
Then I felt I got a kick:
The Lady wants a Limerick.
That's why I thought it's wiser
to offer both not, either. :)

However I came to think of:

Two hens who lived in London planned
To walk to Melbourne overland,
But, footsore in Southampton Row
when there were still some miles to go,
They thought it wise to not extend
The Journey to the bitter end.


Many thanks to Sean Jeating, for his much-better, chickeny version of this. And if he hadn't told me otherwise, I'd have thought he wrote the entire poem himself. It warmed the cockles of my heart on a blustery winter day (is there REALLY going to be a -40C windchill tomorrow?! And what's this about a frostbite alert?! Lalalala, I can't hear them!)

"Bitter end"... I think for my hens that would be Willie or Chef Nick's STEW POT!


  1. I like chickens too.
    Wait, I misspelled that statement.
    I like chicken stew!

  2. Good one!

    I predict a ginormous egg coming tomorrow.

  3. Great poetry is a treasure
    Ovid, Wordsworth, so sublime!

    Helped by the muse your
    Earthly immortalities are assured
    No shame in death, your legacy lives
    Something like that anyway

    Ach no poems but a substandard acrostic!

  4. Hear! Hear! Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

    Quite a celebration
    For cute Canadian hens!
    Must have taken two pens
    To write with emotion
    From a faraway land
    Haiku and Limerick
    Saving hens from Chef Nick
    With a masterful hand.

  5. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! It's cold in Toronto. And no snow, yet!

  6. Happy Wombat Boy, your haiku is hysterical, but EVIL. You are still a VERY BAD MAN.

    James, I'm still waiting for it. The girls are holding out on me!

    Geez, Jams, you're elevating the whole tone of my blog here. Pretty soon, Knatolee's World will be positively CLASSY!

    And Claudia, that was fantastic. What else can I say? Fabulous!

  7. Ever see this PBS doc? It's good:

  8. :)
    Had I tried to adorn myself with borrowed plumes, I could not enjoy your making a post of my comment, hm? (whoa, is this proper English?).
    Glad, I could conjure a smile on your lips, Knattolee.

  9. If I were a hen
    And had me a pen
    I’d lift up my leg
    And write on an egg
    That I myself hatch
    In good Chicken-Scratch.

  10. Jim, I did see that documentary and it was great, although the lady with the pet chicken that got regular baths worried me.

    Chef Nick, very nice. Much better than the Chinese cleaver threats!


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