Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Una cerveza, por favor!

It's quiet at Knatolee's World because I am in Mexico with Senor Gordon! The farm and its livestock has been left in the capable hands of our friends. Because I didn't bring my camera cable with me, there will be no photos until I return. The windchill at home was -35C the night before we left, so I am quite happy here in Veracruz, where the temperature is around 25C and I can feel the sun on my pasty-white skin (though it's not as pasty-white as Gordon's!)

We started our trip in Puebla, which is a beautiful city and a UNESCO world heritage site. I have been gorging myself on Mexican cuisine, washed down with dark Mexican beer. And my friend Dr. Sloth, aka Nancy, made me a marvellous cuppa Yorkshire tea at her home on Sunday night!

More to follow. I need another cerveza (beer), por favor!


  1. Good to read your post, was wondering why so quiet! Hope you and Senor Gordon enjoy a wonderful and warm vacation. Are you meeting any large egg-laying Mexican chickens :)

    p.s. If I could proof-read better I wouldn't have to delete earlier comments!

  2. Not jealous, not jealous, not jealous. Ok, who exactly am I trying to kid?

  3. Sounds warm and toasty. Have fun!

  4. Dr. Sloth finally unmasked! Nelson will be happy. Do have several cerveza for me and Nelson both and while you're at it, toast Evil Gordini too.

    Come back safe! I'm eyeing those chickie-chicks! Just a hop-skip-an'a-jump to Ontario! And I bought a Chinese cleaver last week! Shiny new and aching to be put to use!

  5. I'm jealous.
    Have a wonderful, warm time!

  6. Paula, I saw one rooster on my trip! He was very handsome.

    There there, James, there there.

    Ronna, I am sorry I missed the ATC meet, but it was worth it. :)

    ChefNick, your evil knows no bounds. But you did make us laugh out loud in our Mexican hotel room!

    Freshisle, spring will be here in... May.

  7. Ahem ... 't was your birthday. Time for a nice little Irish blessing then: May the devil not catch you, before I shoot you.
    In other words: May the best of last year in your new one become the worst. :)

    Lovely to see you had a splendid time in Mexico, Knatolee.

  8. Given my Irish blood, I appreciate that blessing, Sean!


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