Monday, February 15, 2010

Greener than green

Yes, I got bored and redesigned the blog! Plus I figured the gecko and at least one of the hens needed to be in the header. And green is for the farm.

Of course, I have gotten no other work done this morning and am still in my pajamas at 10:20 am...


  1. New blog template shows
    Furry and feathered buddies
    Happiness in pets

  2. In your pajamas at ONLY 10 a.m.? Not that I wear pajamas, but I'm usually still in my bedclothes at 5 _P.M._

    You need to relax, girl! Take a day off now and then! Especially Mondays (my personal national holiday)!

  3. Oh, I forgot -- it's PRESIDENTS DAY! See? I knew there was some excuse to lie in bed all day and leave comments on people's blogs.

  4. Actually it's FAMILY DAY here in Ontario, so I have a legitimate holiday excuse. Poor Gordini has to work, as his office is in Gatineau. And wait, I have no family... only pets... oh hell, I am gonna walk the dogs!

  5. Jams, fabulous haiku, just fabulous! :D

  6. Love the photos in the header.

    And thank you for the dusting box idea. I do have a big plastic container that that I can use instead of building something. Great idea! I'm going to haul it out of the shed.

  7. Pets are family!
    Love the green!!

  8. Callie, I wanted my hubby to build me a nice fancy dustbox, then I remembered how it took him eight months to finish the chicken coop! :)

    Ronna, you are absolutely right.

  9. I need spring so much...Thank you for the green. Nice family you have!

  10. Claudia, it sure feels like spring is coming here... we've had such a mild, un-snowy winter for these parts!

  11. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Springtime on the blog!!

    so quite a different winter from last year, hey?..or was that the year before last.

    and, again I say, What a Life You Have!! hahah..ok just being jealous as i try to convince myself to finsh reading a student's thesis chapter. boo hooo.

  12. Was the only snowy, sleeting, freezing rain, winter's day the one when we visited you in December?

    You have less snow there than here in Central Park!

    Love your new colour scheme! People here (NYC) love green!

  13. I found a gecko just like yours in our house. I took a picture of it. Will email it to you as soon as I can find my memory chip.

  14. Brian, yes it was! It has been a very weird winter.

    Dr. Sloth, it was the winter of 2007 - 2008 that we were totally hammered and up to our eyeballs in snow. But even last winter was far snowier than this one!

    Sue, I'd love to see the gecko pic if you can find it.


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