Friday, February 12, 2010

That was "some fancy"... my old Newfoundlander neighbour might say! We very much enjoyed our stay at the Balaju Hotel in Veracruz, and one little perk was the artistic toilet paper, courtesy of a talented hotel housekeeper. When we arrived, we got a bow:

The next day, an intricate fan:

Almost too beautiful to wipe your bottom with. Almost!

No doubt there are those who wonder why Knatolee would take a camera into the loo. Anything in the service of my reading public!


  1. Thanks for visiting me. I just love it when the ordinary is raised to the level of the extraordinary such as this mundane toilet roll.

  2. Dear Knatolee - Thanks for sharing your photographic eyes. Life has a way of winking at us in the most unusual places. Never thought a roll of toilet paper could put a smile on my face. Creativity will burst out of people in any activity. Not only in grandiose settings. :-)

  3. my pleasure, WWW! I wonder if the maid knew that she was bringing a smile to my face? Not to mention that her origami skills are being featured on my blog!

    Claudia, you are so very right... creativity is everywhere.

  4. Oh, I love that, Brian! I am going to study toilegami!


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