Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Carrot-Go-Round

Three and a half minutes of chickens, chickens, chickens..


  1. I want a human carrot-go-round! Next time you and Gordon are over, I'll give it a try! Whadday think?

  2. Ronna, what a great idea! It's like a chicken version of bobbing for apples.

  3. I want to see Gordon bobbing for carrots!!!

  4. Anonymous5:49 pm

    I've convinced Nige that backyard chickens are part of our future! :D .. but then we got into a big philosophical discussion about the boundaries of chicken raising (i.e., would we eat them?). he thinks that if one stops producing eggs that perhaps it should be eaten. I think that sounds barbaric. hopefully we will never be faced with this kind of thing.

    Anyway! Yours are certainly beautiful. ..such thick glossy feathers. and what a nice home they have. :)

  5. Wellll, their egg-laying will drop off some after two years, but my hens are never going in the stewpot. I am going to have a hen retirement home with little chickens pushing walkers and taking in the scenery from the deck. Hahaha!

    Just tell Nige to think of them like pet dogs and he'll be fine. They are DEFINITELY as amusing as dogs, and frankly, less trouble! And some of my girls are plenty cuddly. And they don't even poop on me anymore, since they grew up!


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