Thursday, February 11, 2010

Welcome to the 21st century...

I have HIGH SPEED INTERNET ACCESS, as of tonight! A Rogers Rocket hub (cell phone access.) Somebody pinch me... I can load my own blog in under the usual ten minutes. More like TWO SECONDS. Also I can finally catch up on my blog reading... no more leaving the room to make a cup of tea while four blogs download at once at a painful pace, or just crap out mid-download.

The other day it took me ten attempts and seven hours to email a 7 MB attachment to our local printing company. I think I can safely say the days of such torture are over, unless Rogers does something evil to destroy my internet bliss.

That frigging satellite dish is going on the bonfire!! I am so happy.


  1. oooh good for you! I've had one for eons now though we live in a urm developing country ;)

  2. Welcome to the real world!!

  3. Well I guess you folks in South Glengarry are far more civilized than the poor folks in North Glengarry, eh?

  4. Sue, I live in a developing rural area. ;) the big companies just don't care about giving us high speed, because they can't make enough money off us.

    I LOVE the real world!!!

  5. Congratulations! I, for one, look forward to more uploaded videos of your adorable chickens! Their eggs were simply delicious in January!


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