Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Of chickens and bacon...

I have a wonderful friend named Lisa, who has now been my buddy for 30 years (how can I be old enough to have had friends for that long?!) We met back in 1980 when Lisa saw my name in a penpal catalogue. For you youngsters, back in the days before email, people wrote actual letters on paper, and some kids enjoyed having penpals from around the world. Lisa and I both had our names in a catalogue for people looking for penpals. She lived in Massachusetts at the time, and I lived in Toronto.

Well, in the past 30 years, we've become more than penpals. We first met face-to-face in 1984, when we spent half a week together in Toronto and half a week together in her hometown. We have seen each other countless times since. And Lisa was a bridesmaid in my wedding!

Now she and her hubby have four wonderful children, and it's fun when the entire family comes up to visit us. We are definitely friends for life.

I also know Lisa's parents and brother, and it is nice to be a part of their extended family. I got a wonderful surprise this year when Lisa's mother cross-stitched this for my birthday:

Isn't it fabulous? I got all teary-eyed opening it, because I know how much thought and effort went into it. Lisa's Mom saw the original in a magazine, and wrote and asked the designer for the pattern. Then she stitched it for me! I adore it, and it hangs in a place of honour in my house. Everybody seems to know how much I love my chickens.

Meanwhile, for Valentine's Day breakfast, Gordon made me another heart attack on a plate, with nitrate-free bacon and eggs from our girls.


  1. Lovely present, and - almost! :) - a perfect breakfast.
    No sausages?!

  2. Nitrates give the bacon it's flavour!

  3. This is exactly the meal I wish for whenever I see your eggs. Not just for breakfast! Lunch, supper or in between. Marvellous man, your husband!

    Although I didn't develop lifelong relationships, and never met one, years before you, I had penpals too from all around the world. We collected stamps and informations. You nearly give me the desire to write again to the old addresses and see what has happened to them. I'm not surprised at all you became friend with the whole family. You have such a generous heart, Knatolee. Even your poulets could never forget you!

  4. Now that IS a breakfast of love!

  5. Anonymous3:30 pm

    The cross-stitched chicken is BEAUTIFUL! What a perfect gift! She knows you well. . . ! (And has a very nice mother!)

  6. Not Evil Gordini, GOOD Gordini! That looks yummy!

  7. Love the fact that you have friends that go back 30 years. I think that is wonderful. The cross-stitch is beautiful and so very thoughtful of your friend and her mother. You are all very lucky women, but I know you already knew that :)

  8. Ah Sean, no sausages this time! We need to find some good ones.

    Mo, nitrate gives bacon its cancer-causing properties. ;)

    Claudia, I'm rather fond of that man. And wouldn't it be interesting to see what happened to all your old penpals? I had one in South Korea, one in Finland...

    Jams, he's going to love me to (coronary) death.

    Marylee, I felt very honoured that she made me such a lovely gift.

    Chef Nick, I suppose you were right. He had a day off from Evildom.

  9. If that's heart attack on a plate...what a way to go! Breakfast is my favorite meal (especially when someone else makes it!)

    Omygawd..you brought back memories of pen pals days.. I had 2 in England, 1 in France and 1 in Greece. Loved it!

  10. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Sorry Knat my guilt compels me to reveal the truth behind Mr. C's 'loving' breakfast ... you know who's next in line for the wife job??? hahahha.

    but Lord Almighty what a breakfast!!!!! here i am a whole hour away from lunchtime. waaaaa. It's a beautiful breakfast. and as Claudia says ..that is just what i imagine for breakfast (lunch and dinner) when i see your chickies' eggs.

    (do you know they sell chicken coops on ebay?? nige was looking that them ... he must be SERIOUS!!!)

    and that is just seriously excellent about your penpal!! amazing... and a BEAUTIFUL cross-stitch. I would have been all teary-eyed as well. it's really lovely.

  11. Elisabeth, I sure love a good breakfast.

    Dr. Sloth, my evil husband is playing us off against each other for future gain! For shame!

    And no, I didn't know they sold coops on Ebay, but I'm glad Nige is warming to the idea.


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