Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The last of Mexico, sniff, sniff...

A few last photos from our Mexico trip. Here's a view of the National Palace, with two snow-covered volcanoes in the background:

Gordon went out on his own in the early evening and took a few photos. Here's his stealth shot of two policemen taking a smoke break on their horses!

There were lots of street performers out on Saturday night. Here's a group of guys who jump rope:

Old and new architecture:

A metro entrance, clearly channelling a Parisien influence:

Jugos Canada, where you can get juice, hamburgers and tortas!

But in my opinion, juice in Mexico is way better than juice in Canada!

I think this guy is selling corn on the cob...

I forget what this place is! I'll ask Gordon later...

Traditional dancers, viewed from a lovely sixth-floor terrace restaurant:

We spent our stay in Mexico City at the Hampton Inn Suites near the Zocalo. Not only was the hotel a total deal at $70 US/night, it was beautiful:

The interior ceiling:

Feet on TV, feet on the bed... just a weird photo!

"Take the damn picture already!"

All the rooms overlook the atrium. So pretty!

Recovering from eating pastries and climbing pyramids:

The side of the Cathedral at night. Right before I took this, the lady in pink sat in front of me!

The beautiful Cathedral, being repaired:

One of the smaller chapels in the cathedral, late in the evening:

I have travelled in variations of these three-wheeled bikes (and motorcycle versions in Sri Lanka) all over the world, but this is the COOLEST EVER:

Bye bye Mexico!

Hello frigid Canada! (That's the St. Lawrence River, somewhere between Ottawa and Montreal. I think we were still flying over eastern Ontario at that point.)

I'm ready for my next holiday!


  1. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Ohhhhhhh BEAUTIFUL picture of the palacio nacional with the mountain in the background. that's where i went to have breakfast with the presidente de la republica (it was like 28 nov 2009). there were three researchers from my univ chosen to go... i was one of them! ...ok, honestly, it wasn't that big of a deal as i make it sound, but anyway it was an honor to be chosen. it was because we'd all finished our PhDs when we were supposed to...hahah. anyway we had a lot of fun .. i had my pic taken standing near one of the richest men in the world .. Carlos Slim ..hard to believe that one of the richest lives in a "developing" country ...haha. well really, he did come by his money more or less honestly so i can't begrudge him that. at least he isn't a politician or drug dealer (and/or).
    love the police having a smoke! haha
    Mexico City is kind of known for its architecture. there are some beautiful buildings there.
    yes that's corn. you get it on the cob or in a plastic cup with mayonaise, lime (which is límon here), grated cheese, and powered chili (both presentations have the same stuff on them and of course you can ask for any combination or nothing).
    It's the Palacio de Bellas Artes!!! I know I know !! hahhahah. but BEAUTIFUL inside..and out.
    Lovely hotel also! I want a king sized bed!! waaaaa! the "Recovering" picture..haha
    I just laughed out loud about the pink sweater woman ...HAHAHAHAHHA :D
    and yeah Very cool taxi! they don't have those in Puebla ...yet!
    well awwww kinda sad to see the end of the pics. Where will your next trip be to? :)

  2. I see three horses and only two policemen. The third gone for donuts? Bad joke I know. The new architecture certainly stands out against the old doesn't it? Great pictures Natalie. Thank you for this wonderful tour and letting us peak in on your vacation :)

  3. Hey, Gordini has the exact same socks I have! 12 pair, I believe, the benefit of which being, if one tries to escape in the laundry, there's always another to replace him!

  4. Even four horses ... :)

  5. Dr. sloth, CARLOS SLIM? That is one cheesy-sounding name. :) but neat that you saw him in the flesh!

    I wish I had tried some of that corn in a cup with all the goodies. Sounds delish! ANd I wish I'd had time to go inside the Palacio de Bellas Artes.

    We want to go to Laos, but who knows when that'll happen?

  6. Paula, the third went for pan de dulce! :) More common in Mexico than doughnuts. Glad you enjoyed the photos!

    Chef Nick, Gordini would be honoured to know he shares your taste in socks.

  7. Sean, maybe one of the horses has eight legs! Mutant horse!

  8. Ha! You did not take me serious!

    And what about the two legs of a white horse which are to be seen under the belly of the the right cop's horse?

    However, coming to think of eight-legs-horses: They do exist. Thus, very probably I am wrong. :)


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