Friday, February 26, 2010

Cats rule, dogs drool, take 893

It's not enough she's stolen a dog bed and stunk it up with her catly presence and feathered wand toy. She's leaning against Sophie's (dog) precious beaver toy!

Meanwhile, Tristan politely waits on the hard floor for seven pound of furry feline to vacate his bed, even though he eats groundhogs bigger than Naomi!


  1. Yep that's a scene I've scene I've seen al too often! THe not-wife's fols had a doberman called Max who had a big basket, He rarely got to use it though as a cat would almost always bet there when he wanted it!

  2. Dogs are slaves to the kitty mafia! :)

  3. Great photo!
    Cats also take over the master's bed...My twin kittens (we called them Double and Trouble) had adopted my younger son's foot of the bed (under the thin blanket). He couldn't disloge them even at night! They only did three things in their life: eat, mischief and sleep. I would swear that cats sleep 36 hours on a 24-hour-day...

  4. Why do I come to think the name 'Isolde'? :)

  5. Claudia, you are exactly right about how much cats sleep. Amazing how much trouble they get into in the hour a day they are awake!

    Sean, I think I know why! :)


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