Thursday, February 11, 2010

You don't see THAT on the sidewalk every day...

I came across THIS on a sidewalk in Veracruz, ripped open and carelessly tossed aside. We wondered if some Mexican gentleman had a sudden and urgent need for, er, pharmaceutical assistance.


  1. Well, we know one thing...he's a horny litterbug.

  2. Better to find that than the aftermath :)

  3. Anonymous12:51 pm

    I'll bet he paid a lot less for it too than he would in the U.S.!

    For more on "naughty litter", I have a recent post you might want to check out:

  4. Anonymous12:55 pm

    For some reason, the whole link didn't go through.
    Just go to and click on the post "Condemnation." Technology...

  5. Well what can you say!

  6. Anonymous8:25 am

    Congratulation on the high speed. You're in a whole different world now! I'm miserable when mine goes out.

    One of my "senior" neighbors insists that he has Cialis because it makes his roses last longer in a vase. I guess that with roses, the 4-hr. warning doesn't matter.

    Blog on!

  7. When even the esteemed and most eloquent Jams O'Donnell Esq does not really know how to express his impressions, how could I?
    'Shocking' is all that comes to mind. Absolutely shocking. )

  8. Hahaha! Good one, Fran! ANd Paula, I completely agree.

    TTOT, I love the story on your blog! What a Mom you have. :)

    Jams, not much one can say. One can just pull out one's camera...

    MM, you have no idea how happy I am to have high speed now. I still can't believe it. We thought it was never going to happen in our rural dead zone.

    Sean, it is odd to see Jams at a loss for words, is it not?


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