Thursday, February 25, 2010

Canadian winter 1, big brown truck 0

I really like my UPS delivery guy, much as I despise UPS. Today he decided to tackle our laneway, which is about 300 feet long. The weather has been icky since yesterday, with snow turning to rain turning to snow and back to rain again. By mid-morning today, our laneway was a slippery mess. My UPS guy made it up to our house, but then he got stuck outside the garage. I snuck of picture of him patiently waiting for a tow truck!

Rural deliveries have got to be a challenge in winter around here. I very much appreciated him braving the slush so that I could get my hands on my new Mac system software!'


  1. And I have to deliver the mail today. Yuck!

  2. Why is it that the UPS guys (and employees in the store) are always so nice, and the Canada Post personal always so grumpy?
    Poor guy, sitting there in the cold! Did you offer him a scone and some tea at least? :o)

  3. Canada Post guys are always grumpy because they really want to work for UPS and deliver up lane ways like Natalie's in the winter and wear those lovely brown shorts in the summer!

  4. The moral of the story is... don't visit Knatolee or your vehicle will be stuck.

  5. HWB, hope you're bringing an extra set of clothes this weekend. Make sure you gun it up the laneway. :)

  6. Ronna, what a sucky day for mail delivery chores!

    Monika, it is to wonder. My UPS guy is so friendly and nice and he likes dogs, too. I couldn't offer him a scone because they weren't baked yet, alas.

    I think Paula has it right.


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