Friday, January 22, 2010

Mother always said...

I was, in my opinion, a pretty good kid, but one thing my mother constantly nagged me about was my habit of not hanging up my coat. And here I am, well into middle age, and I still have to make an effort to put my coat in the closet. Instead it ends up on a kitchen chair, and Gordon (who is NOT the neatnik in the family, I feel compelled to point out) breaks down and hangs it up.

But yesterday that didn't happen fast enough, and Alex the three-legged cat decided my expensive new "made in Quebec" parka would make an EXCELLENT cat bed. I would like to note that in our house, cats ARE NOT allowed on the kitchen table! Ahem.

"Do you mind? That flash is blinding!"

"Oh hi Naomi -- hey! Wait a minute! Get your head out of there!"

"Shut up, Alex, and let me give you the washing you so richly deserve!"

"Ahhhh, fine Canadian craftsmanship, so soft and cushy on my behind!"

"Can't a guy get some privacy around here?"

Turns out Mum was right. I should hang up my coat!

PS: I'm working on a chicken video, especially for my friend Richard (who will have to watch it on Ronna's higher-speed internet connection. Dial-up does not cut it for video-watching!) It's a comin'!


  1. Anonymous6:23 pm

    How sweet! If I leave any article of clothing on my bed, one (or both) of my cats promptly "claim" it. Our cats aren't allowed on the kitchen table either, but that's my problem not theirs, apparently, because when I come home the placemats invariably are all wonky. Hmmm...

  2. Naughty Naomi! What was she thinking off???? Tsk tsk tsk (I mean sniffing up behinds is NOT a good idea!) Tends to give you fur balls! (get it???) ha ha ha

  3. TTPT, I've seen that exact same placemat issue at my place! Cats just don't give a damn, do they? :)

    Sue, you are HILARIOUS! GOOD ONE!!!! And Naomi has no shame.

  4. Technically, Alex was not ON the kitchen table, he was on your coat, which was ON the kitchen table!

  5. Mo, ALex says you have a point. I beg to differ!

  6. LOL, Love Alex on the coat on the kitchen table!

  7. Aaaaah! This is so cute family life. Great post and photos.

  8. I know that sight Knatolee. leave a coat on a chair and within nanoseconds a cat will be on it, especially in moulting season!


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