Monday, November 30, 2009

A boy and his saw...

Gordon and his forester friend Jim headed off into the woodlot this morning to fell a huge dead tree and play with their chainsaws...

Gordon is making a rather unfortunate fashion statement with his chainsaw pants pulled up over the bottom of his winter jacket ("The Stay Puft TM Lumberjack Man") In real life, he most assuredly does NOT have the figure of Homer Simpson!

As I report (2:24 pm), he and Jim have brought down the deceased tree without amputating any human limbs (Jim is a professional!) Jim then built a campfire with the two tiny pieces of newspaper Gordon brought along and they are grilling burgers over the flames. If the fire-making were left up to Gordon, they'd be eating e. coli burgers.

The joy of walkie-talkies... I can keep tabs on my man at all times.

Meanwhile, the chickens have been out frolicking in the snow for hours...

This morning's haul from the henhouse!


  1. How do the girls like the snow? You have some beautiful eggs!

  2. Genny, the hens are running around in the snow again right now and don't seem to give a darn. They may feel differently when it's -30 Celsius and there's two feet of snow on the ground! And they gave us ten eggs today. Not bad for eleven hens who are supposed to lay one eggs every two to three days! Overachievers.

  3. I love the egg pic, and Gordon's Homer Simpson look is riotous!

  4. Those chainsaw pants may not be pretty, but they are a great invention.

  5. Anonymous8:09 pm

    the eggs are BEAUTIFUL!!! do you eat all of them?!

    and im no longer in love with Mr. C. ...hahah just kidding!! ;)


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