Monday, November 09, 2009

Is it in the genes?

Perhaps Gordon was destined to be a farmer. Just look at his Scottish ancestors!

Great grandfather Campbell astride his farm thingy (feel free to tell me what it is!), near Ascog Castle, Scotland.

Gordon's paternal grandmother (left) and assorted relatives with horse that looks suspiciously like a Clydesdale, and check out that collie dog! (I think those are the ruins of Ascog Castle in the background.)

On the other hand, perhaps Gordon should have been a train engineer... father-in-law painted that Scottish lion on the wall. Oh wait, I've been corrected by the resident Scot: Scottish Lion, with a capital "L"... wait, no, SCOTTISH LION RAMPANT, royal coat of arms of Scotland. Because, you know, Scotland is simply awash in prides of lions, frolicking in the heather, eating all the little Scottish bunnies, scratching their itchy lion butts on sharp thistles, and stealing cooling, fresh-roasted haggis from Scottish windowsills. (Is that better, Gordon?)

For now Gordon's content to play electrician (zzzzzzt!) and rewire our barn. The chickens were giving him a hand in the pumphouse!


  1. Whoa Lass, the wee laddie looks so sweet with the trains (that's all the Scottish I know ;o))

  2. Ach ay the noo, jimmy!

  3. Hey Sue, pretty good Scottish for a Sri Lankan! :))

    Ach ay you too, Shona!

    Haggis forever!


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