Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Mouser Squad

This is the time of year when mice start moving into our farmhouse, where they by-and-large meet death (sometimes quick, sometimes protracted) at the jaws of one of three cats. However, some mice are feistier than others...

This is the scene we woke up to this morning. (Naomi is being particularly useless on the dog bed, but I kind of like Alex's satanic, glowing eyes!) No, the cats are not worshipping the floor lamp. Look a a little closer, just under the shade...

Ah yes, the best cat toy ever: a living, breathing, squeaking mouse! The cats were patiently watching the perched rodent, who was not moving a whisker.

Alex is ever-hopfeul. He attempted to climb the lamp (he only has three legs and is not much of a mountaineer) but failed, so instead he installed himself next to the carbon monoxide detector for a round of sentry duty .

When I last checked, the mouse was still there, looking awfully cute. I ain't dealing with it.

And this is what Naomi does when she's not chasing rodents. She enjoys the good life.


  1. If you FedEx me the mouse in a little cage (well-ventilated) I'll take care of it. I like mice.

  2. Phyllis1:07 pm

    oh don't let that darling mousie get hurt! Throw a towel over him and drive him a couple of miles away. he is too cute to be cat food!

  3. Chef Nick and Phyllis, the mouse is now frolicking in the fields behind the barn (if the chickens didn't eat it already.)

    After several hours of motionlessness, he was duly rescued by me. The cats watched.

  4. Sooooo happy to hear cute little mousie was rescued. he really was sweet! And I know I've said it before, but Naomi reminds me so much of my departed and forever missed Mishka. Torties will always have a special place in my heart. A great pic of her perched on hubby's shoulder!

  5. That cat looks like it has eaten well.

  6. Only Bebe of our foursome is a hunter.. or so I thought. Lasst week she brought a mouse into the house. We found it, corndered it and were just about to get it out when it ran off.... The next thing we knew it was in Robyn;s mouth - a big surprise given that he is 15 now and his days of bringing magpies are long over!

    Luckily we got if off him largely unscatehed

  7. I'm happy to say that Freddie has never caught a squirrel.

  8. Well, the mouse was lucky, but the rat in the garden the Tristan (dog) just killed was less fortunate!

    Anna, Naomi is my first Tortie and I just adore her. She is the sweetest cat I have ever had.

    James, Alex would just like to say that's he not fat, he's fluffy.

    And Jams, good for Robyn! He's just reminding you that he hasn't completely lost his touch.

    Jim, I don't approve of squirrel-catching. The dogs are the ones doing that these days, although they seem to have weeded all the slow ones out of the local squirrel gene pool, because I haven't seen Tristan with a squirrel in his mouth since 2007. Apparently rats are easier to catch, or rather there are just more of them! (YUCK!)

    "James, Jams, Jim"... I like that! My Dad's name was Jim.

  9. At least they were watching it carefully, even if they did'nt do anything about it!

  10. Hmm, true, I suppose if the mouse had moved, it would have been game over!


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