Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Much excitement on the farm!

It's been an exciting week, and it's only Wednesday.

The farmer next door harvested his corn crop:

...leaving Sophie the corn-thief heartbroken:

I love these big combine-harvester-type-thingamabobs. "Thingamabobs"... I'm so very technical. Not! Farm machinery fascinates me but I don't know what the hell 90% of it is for! I was born in downtown Toronto, fer cryin' out loud.

And yesterday, a mouse perched motionless on the floor lamp for over three hours...

...while the useless cats did NOTHING:

Sunbathing next to a mouse!! Julius has totally lost his killer instinct. This is the cat who survived outside as a stray during a bitter seaside winter in Nova Scotia before we took him in. He used to murder squirrels, for heaven's sake. Heck, he could probably take out Canada geese if he so chose. And yet at the age of nine, he has instead gone totally soft! The Mighty Orange Hunter of days gone by would never have allowed a rodent to taunt him like this, mere inches away from the razor-sharp kitty claws of death.

Julius used to assassinate mice with one swat of the paw. Now we're lucky if he can muster the energy to kill a bowl of kibble. Alas, how the Mighty have fallen. I finally gave up waiting for the cats to act and nudged the mouse into a bucket, setting it free outside.

But the best part of the week so far was today, Remembrance Day, when one of our hens laid the FIRST EGG of the flock! The girls are now 18 weeks old and someone popped out this small but perfect specimen right on schedule:

When I saw it on the floor of the coop (Gordon put the nest boxes in last night, but they were apparently spurned), I thought, "Who put an egg in the hen house?!" My next thought was "Duh! That's right, hens lay eggs." The laying has begun! Hurrah!

Here Gordon proudly displays the prize, as Julius watches from the enclosed front porch (he was cold and wanted in!):

I can't wait to eat that sucker.


  1. I am insanely jealous. What a great reward.. fresh eggs!

    The mouse pics are priceless, too. Can you imagine what must have been going through that mouse's mind.

  2. That poor sweet little mouse! LOL at your "killer" kitties!! My cat's favorite prey nowadays is the dog!

  3. Congratulations on the First Egg!

    “Although I cannot lay an egg, I am a very good judge of omelettes”

    - George Bernard Shaw

  4. From Julius,"Why are you making such a fuss? You've never seen an egg before? I'm cold. Let me in. I'm a mouse-killer, not an egg-layer. But I'm a worthwhile being. I do what I was born to do. Bring a mouse in. I'll prove it."

  5. Shona, if only you were closer, I could give you eggs! And I do wonder what the mouse was thinking. Perhaps something along the lines of "HOLY SH*T!!!"

    Shelley, the mouse is running free in the fields now, not to worry.

    Brian, excellent quote in celebration of the first eggling!

    Claudia, you have great insight into the mind of Julius-kitty. Hahaha!


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