Monday, November 30, 2009

It's heeeeee-ere!

Look what we woke up to this morning!

Yep, winter is finally here.

"My feet are cold. Why won't she let me in? Why is she just standing there, taking my picture? Hello? I am a DELICATE FLOWER!! Open the door!!"
(Note Hallowe'en pumpkin at upper left)

Yeah, that gas grill is lookin' REAL appetizing today.

Perhaps I should have put my car in the garage last night. Oh well, at least the ugly snow tires are on it!

"Ya gonna open that door?"


  1. I'm very glad for you that your home looks like a winter wonderland. But could you please keep the white fluffy stuff where you are and not export it any farther south? Please!

  2. I am not a fan of snow myself. I am glad we don't get very much of it in London


  4. I LOVE snow. It's a perfect excuse to stay indoors and do something fun!

  5. BRRRRRRRRR!!! Winter Wonderland, indeed! And I love the puppy "pupsicle" dance at the glass door. Whenever it snows here, our dogs always get the strangest looks on their faces, like "what in the world IS this STUFF? and why is it so COLD?"


  6. HWb, I'll see what I can do to prevent snowmageddon from hitting Toronto.

    Jams, you would not do well in this part of Canada, but perhaps Victoria, BC would work for you!

    Mo, the dog is IN.

    Genny, I actually like snow too but don't tell anybody.

    Angela, I liked the "pupsicle dance prints" too. But don't fall for that sad look. Tristan gladly runs around outside at -30C if I'm with him. He's just a suck about being left out alone. Sophie is more intrepid! That said, I think every year there's that period where we first see the white stuff and think, "Oh yeah, I remember this!! Brrrr!"

  7. Anonymous8:07 pm

    WOW ..the seasons dey comes and dey goes, no?!

  8. Well, you seem to have done a good job so far. Toronto has had its first November with no snowfall in recorded history (about 160 years).


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