Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today some brave hen popped out the biggest egg yet, at 79 grams. Compare it to the first egg, laid November 11th, at a mere 41 grams:

I can't my wee, dainty hens imagine passing that thing!! Okay, so they aren't so wee now, topping out at something like five pounds. But still! Then again, some poor woman in Indonesia popped out a 19-lb baby. Like, OUCH!

Julius investigates: "Hmmm. Smells like chicken!"

And this photo is just ... odd. The eggs, Julius and Naomi. Or is it the Eggs and I (with assorted cats)?


  1. Jeebuz! Are you sure they're chickens?

  2. Just reminding you she is a CHICKEN and also still useful, lest you ship her off to a friend in the States for our Thanksgiving.

  3. Maybe they think they are geese. Hmm, does that mean I'll get a golden egg?

    No worries James, my girls will be living out their retirement on the farm, with no threat of a stewpot!


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