Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The torrid affair of Alex and Naomi...

...continues! The upstairs bathroom is Alex's favourite hang-out. He particularly adores the bathmat. Yesterday he was all stretched out, having a catly nap, when Tristan (big dorky boy dog) decided he wanted to lie on the bathmat too. So as Tristan is wont to do, he started poking Alex firmly with his snout. Alex assumed a look of disdain that only a cat can give and refused to budge, so I pulled out another bathmat for my incredibly spoiled dog!

Anyway, we often flick on the bathroom light at night to discover scenes like this:

Yin-yang kitties!

"Please, can't you see we want our privacy? Turn off the damn light!"


  1. Haha I love that yin/yan position of cats.Robyn and Bebe are just the same thought they choose one of the sofas rahter than the bathroom!

  2. Jams, Alex loves lying on the floor. I wonder if it's because he has just the three legs and really isn't big on jumping up on things (although he does appear on the couch, and occasionally our bed!)

  3. So so cute! One of my kitties also loves the bath mat.

  4. I love your cats. It's about 8 years since I last had a cat. She used to sleep on my chest. Must seriously think of getting one soon...

  5. Sue, I think you need a kitten, now!! :)

  6. Sharon, in San Francisco12:27 am

    Since they're not littermates, how did you introduce them to each other such that they became so attached? Did they hiss and carry on in the beginning?

  7. Sharon, I was amazed at how Alex loved Naomi from the start, although I have since read that if you bring in a young kitten, the older cat is more likely to adapt. That said, Alex was only about a year old when Naomi showed up! He took to her pretty well instantly. I'm thinking a girl/boy kitten/cat match would be the best hope for a match.

    Julius is very good with Naomi too, just not as besotted as Alex. He'll tolerate her washing him a bit before he gives her a swat. But Alex and Naomi cuddle together for hours!


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