Friday, November 27, 2009

Scenes from a farm

Cattle grazing peacefully in the fields.
(Okay, okay, they're dogs eating wild turkey poop. Close enough.)

Disgusting engorged tick that fell off Tristan as I was hunting for a pair of tweezers to remove it. Fortunately I found it lumbering across my office floor. After a quick photo shoot, it was euthanized in the toilet. Right after I did that, I read that ticks can survive flushing. #@%^(*#**%@!!!

Outlet signage on our municipal drain. Every 25 years or so, they use an excavator to dig out the drain, allegedly so that everyone's land drains better. That's what has been going on around here this week. It's a big muddy mess! It also destroys habitat for various creatures, but we'll do our best to get it back into a natural state as soon as possible.

Chickens coming home to roost. No, wait, it's those poop-eating dogs again...


  1. Nice pix, as always! Hey, you know I never flush ticks. I want to see those buggers dead! I usually cut them in half with a carving knife (and get great joy out of it)!

  2. You had better hope that tick didn't survive the flushing! It has all the making of a horror movie.


    As always, great pics.

  3. James and Ronna, since Saturday my tick knowledge has increased at least tenfold. THere will be no more flushing of ticks! The next one will meet death by knife. I'm new to this tick stuff.

    And your horror movie comment hits home, since my first encounter with a tick, sometime in the summer of 2008, involved finding an un-engorged one crawling around INSIDE MY PAJAMA PANTS (oops, that sounds kind of rude) when I got up in the morning. EEYUW EEYUW EEEeeeeeeeeeeeeYYuuuUW! Fortunately I couldn't find a bite on myself, and there are no signs of Lyme's. eeeeeyuw!

  4. Haha what a wonderful scene.. turkey poop eating dogs and all!

  5. Anonymous6:16 pm

    oh TICKS vomit vomit vomit. hideous things that have no reason to exist.

  6. Oooh, but chickens like to munch on ticks! Nummy nummy nummy. But I admit, ticks are VILE.


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