Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Covered in chickens

I went down to the coop to collect eggs this morning but refused to let the girls out (they finally were let out at noon!) They retaliated by sitting on me.

Doesn't everyone need a shoulder chicken?

"Darling, it's the chicken toreador hat. It's all over the catwalks in Milan for 2010. Very agri-chic!"

"You are a cruel woman, lining our coop with insulating foil so that it looks like we're in a rotisserie when you turn the heat lamps on at night! I may need to peck out your eyeball."

"Hand over the yogurt and no one gets hurt!"

I got pecked in the eye the other day, which knocked out a contact lens. Now I keep my eyes closed when I'm near the beaks. According to my friend Amy, who landed in the ER after an eye-pecking incident, the hens love shiny things. Like eyeballs. One of them even had a go at my front tooth the other day!

Time to invest in a nice pair of safety glasses for the coop, I think.

"Make sure you get my best side. Hey, what are those shiny things on either side of your nose? Mmmm, can I peck them?"

Chickens iz so cuddlee!!!

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. And would you please stop eating my unborn children? What's a chicken got to do to get some damn respect around here? Whaddaya mean I've got to earn my keep?!!"

This is Buffy, one of the few chickens I can actually recognize, sizing up my eyeballs as she perches on my arm. "Ooh! What big, round, blue, shiny, TASTY-looking eyes you have!!"

I love my chickens, love my chickens, looooove my chickens!


  1. Did you see 60 Minutes the other night? Apparently the guy who was the model for the paleontologist (and also was the advisor) in the Jurassic Park movies is real-life planning to resurrect a dinosaur.

    And he's going to do it with . . . a chicken. Apparently birds evolved from dinosaurs and chickens are a pretty close relative. Lose the feathers on the wings and you have (besides that fashionable "plucked" look) those famous T-Rex stubs.

    Dino-chicken. I kid you not. Just a matter of turning on and off certain genes.

    But I would like to christen your birds "Dine O' Chickens."

    They look like evil, vengeful raptors, really, they do. But tasty. I'll bet T-Rex tasted just like . . . !

  2. EEk! I don't think I'd let them get that close to my eyeballs. They are really beautiful though, Nat, and how wonderful that you're getting fresh eggs at last. I can't wait to retire so I can have chickens too!! Only 26 months and counting!

  3. This is what your chickens might some day grow to be like, Knattie . . .you'll need a lot more than safety goggles when that day comes.

  4. Great pictures!

    There was a documentary about people who keep chickens as pets on PBS a few years ago. I think it was called "Natural History of the Chicken." If they ever make a sequel...

  5. I didn't see 60 Minutes, Chef Nick, but I can totally see the dino in the chicken, especially when they are young and not as "full-feathered!" But that picture you linked is just SCARY. Looks like a lovebird crossed with a dino crossed with a yeti!

    "Dine-o-chickens", you are BAD.

    Genny, I shouldn't let them anywhere near my eyeballs. I think I need safety glasses for the coop. Have you had chickens before? They are the BEST!

    Jim, funnily enough I just borrowed that DVD from the library! It was great although that one lady who kept the chicken in the house and gave it baths and so on was a tad... eccentric. I'd be happy to star in the sequel! HAHAHA!


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