Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Taunting Chipmunk

Poor Alex. Like it's not bad enough he only has three legs. Like it's not bad enough he can't jump up on the windowsills without assistance. Like it's not bad enough he can no longer run free in the wilds like the tiny jungle tiger he believes himself to be. Alas, now the poor cat has to endure a taunting chipmunk (with no fear of felines) mere inches away on the other side of a pane of glass!

"Is this a chipmunk I see before me?"

"Me thinkest thou must shuffle off this mortal coil, O stri-ped beast! Oh happy dagger... this is thy sheath! There rest, and let the chipmunk... DIE!"

"What ho? Dost thou MOCKETH me, small carrier of fleas? Thinkest thou not that I can puncture thy velvety hide with one swipe of my sharp claws?"

"Ah HA! I unsheath my five blades of glorious doom! I striketh at thou withest the death hammer of my noble paw!"

"What? Thou doth turn thy BACK to my weapon of destruction? What? What? Alas! Woe is me! .... &@#&!?$*^$%@# GLASS!!"

Meanwhile, in another time and dimension...

There was a way cuter photo than this that never got taken, because Tristan moved while I got my camera (naturally). He and Alex were sitting together at the patio doors, watching a red squirrel scamper back and forth (all of the creatures around here enjoy taunting our pets!) Tristan and Alex's heads were moving back and forth in unison and it was very cute.

After Tristan left, Alex continued to squirrel-watch from his cozy bed. The pink arrows shows the squirrel dashing across the deck.

Those squirrels and chipmunks better hope Alex never learns to open doors. He has been an absolute mouse-killing machine in our basement. We saw two mice last fall, then two dead mice, then no more mice, period. No mice droppings, no evidence at all of rodents in the house, other than two fat happy cats!

Meanwhile, Alex dreams of bigger things... like chipmunks.


  1. Poor Alex, he's a legend in his own mind!

  2. Anonymous10:23 am

    OH GOD I laughed so much I was wiping tears away. God the "Hamlex" hahahhaha and "Alexeo and Juliet" hahahahhahah....and god knows what else. HAHAHAHHHAHA

    Knat you KILL me!! :DD

    and the pics are adorable too :)))

  3. I think you have one fat happy mouse killing machine and one lazy "fluffy" cat, no? :-)

    Poor Alex, being taunted by wildlife. Are you going to give him a chance out in Julius' kitty-dome in the yard? Maybe the chipmunk will think there is still glass and Alex will get lucky!

  4. I just love watching animals, especially watching other animals. Funny story.

  5. Hamlex (I love that, Mexicali Anonymous), thus far, is highly unimpressed with Julius' kitty-dome, but we're working on it!

  6. Poor Alex! One day he'll get his revenge!

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl

  7. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Squirrels are short lived in our yarn.
    Our puppy is completely mesmerized by the hummingbirds that come to the winder feeder. It's right at his nose level. Too cute.


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