Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy anniversary to us!

Today is our 15th wedding anniversary and yes, the years have flown by. But there's no one I'd rather spend my years with than you, G. Here's to 10 x 15 more... je t'aime!

PS: My Mum made my wedding gown (and the bridesmaid dresses.) She was a talented dressmaker. And Gordon wore a kilt.


A couple more photos for those who haven't seen them. I blotted out Scott's (L) eyes, to preserve his decency. Snerk! Happy Wombat Boy (R) gets no such service. That's Gordon in the centre, before I turned his beard grey.

Oh my, we looked so young. I guess on our 25th anniversary (knock wood), we'll think we looked young on our 15th anniversary. I do believe that our wedding day was the last time I wore heels. My Mum did a nice job on my dress though, don'tcha think? We had a fun day but our poor friend Kate, who played trumpet at our wedding, had her trumpet stolen out of our other friends' car while we were all at the wedding reception (enjoying the free bar, among other things!)

Which reminds me: some of my friends toilet-papered me at the reception. I should scan the pictures of THAT! I love my friends. :)


  1. Happy anniversary!
    You guys make a great couple!
    You compliment each other.
    You're the ying and yang of couplehood! lol

  2. Aw, thanks MO! :)))

  3. Awww, the Happiest of Happy Anniversaries to you both!

    You two look so cute!

  4. Happy anniversary. And my computer is facing a photograph from your wedding... three guys in kilts backed by the side wall of UC. At least, I think it's UC.

  5. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Oh I just want to CRY when I see those pictures. Like Mobert said youse guys were made for each other ... as they say here "media naranjas" .. two halves of an orange :))

    And you mom did a spectacular job on the dress. It compliments the kilt so well. just beautiful. sniff sniff.

    And remember your marriage worked out so well because you have the same eyebrows!! hahahah. :))

    OK I'm so happy for you both. Congratulations!!

    And now we need a report of how you celebrated. did you go to the fish and chips place?? haha just kidding.

  6. Yeah, I think perhaps my eyebrows aren't QUITE as dark as they look in the photo, but I did use some eyebrow pencil for the first and probably last time in my life! :)

    I WISH we'd gone to the fish and chips place; it would have been better. We had a thoroughly mediocre meal at the "fancy" restaurant in the town near us... I gotta stop taking recommendations from the locals. Maybe my food standards are too high! We had a good day, though, and a nice evening and chatting at the restaurant. Walked around the big mill pond in Alexandria afterwards. It is so pretty! They have four swans on it that they just bought.

    "Media naranjas", I love that!

  7. Happy Anniversary! What great prictures!

  8. Anonymous12:26 pm

    No no no noooooooo NOOOO nOOOOOooo Nooooooooooo no no no nooooooo no-no-no .... in other words NO.

    I was not making a comment on your eyebrows. In fact I hadn't even noticed them!

    Don't you remember some time ago I mentioned some study that someone(s) did about facial features and permanance of relationships??? I said then that you guys have similar eyebrows ... C with the manly man version and you with the feminine version.

    I LIKE your eyebrows ;) and I think your wedding pictures are absolutely faultless.

  9. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Well anyway too bad about not going for F&Cs :)) ... and sorry about your dinner .. but the rest of it sounds lovely.

  10. Hahahah! I totally forgot about the facial features thing. Seriously, my eyebrows were more noticeable than usual on our wedding day. Strangely, I lost my new eyebrow pencil that day and never saw it again. Sign from God ? ;)

    We had a nice time at dinner despite the overpriced, mediocre food. Funny, we had a much better lunch out that day that cost us fourteen bucks. It was at the little greasy spoon about ten minutes from here. They don't have a huge menu but they make it all from scratch and it's totally reasonble. They even make the fries from real potatoes! I had a grilled chicken breast burger and fries, and it was better than our dinner that cost five times as much! Pathetic, eh?

    Really you need to go to Montreal (or Ottawa) for a decent restaurant .

  11. Happy Anniversary!!

    The dress is great... and of course always love to see a man in a kilt. Our Scottish Festival is in a couple of weekends... I can't wait!

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl

  12. I have to say you've aged very well (and I'm typing this three years after the post).

  13. Why thank you, LBM! Gordon has a lot of grey in his beard now, thanks to me.


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