Thursday, May 08, 2008

The sparrow challenge

I somehow doubt this will be much of a challenge for Happy Wombat Boy, however...

Is this a Savannah sparrow? The tail is notched!

And I've lost track of how many sparrows I photographed... is this a Savannah sparrow too?

What about this one? Or is it a song sparrow?

I *think* I may have heard a grasshopper sparrow in the front field yesterday but further research is required. I have been listening to their call on the Cornell site.

Thanks, HWB!


  1. I have to say, I can't tell one sparrow from another! They all look alike. My Grandfather called them all chippies. My sister and I were well into adulthood before we found out that sparrows were not chippies. Seriously!

  2. Good lord, to me a "chippie" is a place to buy fish and chips! :)

    I do find the sparrows a tad challenging, at least the ones that are more or less all brown!!

  3. Nah, chippies have a red cap and a white eye-stripe. The bright yellow wash on the lores (the bit between the eye and the bill) is found in White-throated sparrows and Savannah sparrows. Those guys ain't no White-thoats.

    The last one, however, is missing the yellow lores and has a noticeable "stickpin" on its breast. You are correct that the bird in question is a Song sparrow.

  4. Yaaaay! I did it, I figured out the sparrows!

    We have plenty o' White-capped and White-throated sparrows, plus plenty o' Chipping sparrows AND Fox sparrows. These ones I can all identify. The Savannah was a new one for me and involved lots of looking at fields guides. :)

    HWB is my birding guru. I am not worthy, I am not worthy...

  5. Btw, Gordon's lores are hairy!

  6. Anonymous7:54 pm

    his what's are WHAT? does that refer to any part like for instance that Andy P just lost?? haha

    The other day a sparrow flew in one of the big windows upstairs. The dogs were delighted.

    I opened the bedroom window wider and closed the door. Checked a while later and she or he found her or his way out. :)

  7. Get your mind out of the gutter, Mexicali Anonymous! The lores are the "bit between the eye and the bill." As if *I* would ever have my mind in the gutter. HAHAHAHA!

  8. Just remember... a lawyer's bill can be HUGE!


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