Friday, May 09, 2008

Just ducky!

It never ends around here...

The other day, I found a duck egg, still warm, sitting in the grass by our creek. I saw some mallards fly off just before we got there, so I don't know if I scared an egg out of someone or what, but there it was. I figured I would just leave it in the grass. Sophie had other ideas. We walked along for a bit before I realized she had something hidden in her mouth, as per usual. I made her stop and she dropped it daintily at her feet. Yup, the duck egg.

"Leave it!" I commanded, foolishly turning my back to her. Walked a bit more, turned around and saw that yet again, she had something in her mouth.

"Drop it!"

Duck egg.

"Good grief, woman! Leave the damn egg!"

Walked a few more feet. Felt suspicious. Turned around.

Egg in Sophie's mouth.


Thunk. My, duck eggs are strong!

"Come on, Sophie."

Walked a few more feet. Suspicion returns. Turned around.

"Oh for the love of... forget it! Keep the damn egg!" And you could see that she was happy for the permission. She carried it a bit further, set it down, cracked it open and ate the whole thing, shell and all. Fortunately it was just yolk inside and not embryonic duckling. :(

It did occur to me that normal people probably wouldn't stand around photographing this whole process, but then I never claimed to be "normal."

Do you like the lovely day-glo orange collar? Each of the dogs has two new collars now, the "farm" collar and the "out on the town" collar. These hideous orange ones are waterproof, with waterproof tags. Not sure yet how they would do if they are rubbed in dead animal lard, but I have no doubt that Sophie will test that out for me at some point. Perhaps I can let the manufacturer know, so that they can add it to their sales pitch: "Sophie-tested and proven to withstand wretched stinking dead animal parts being rubbed all over it! Washes right off with boiling acid!"

By the way, last week's dead-animal stink has finally faded from Sophie and Tristan's coats. I am ever-so-grateful for that. I have also stopped complaining when they roll in mere goose poop or turkey droppings.

The day-glo orange collars look especially nauseating paired with Sophie's PINK leash and Tristan's YELLOW one. My burning designer eyes!! Eeeyuw!

Lord love a duck...


  1. Anonymous12:32 pm

    oops Sophie!! Well the duck couple will have more eggs.

    Love that collar! wow.

  2. Anonymous9:29 am

    Never a dull moment! A walk with the dogs is endlessly entertaining. Those hunter orange collars are perfect in the bush - we have one, too!!

  3. I'm thinking the duck wasn't coming back for a slobbery egg anyhow.

    My chicks will be a month old on the 15th. Sophie would love them too.

  4. "Sophie's Egg"...sounds like a movie title.

  5. your dog stories just crack me up!

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl

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