Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wel, it used to be a hummingbird feeder!

So, this is what happens when you have three beehives, and you put up a hummingbird feeder that doesn't have bee guards (my other three feeders do have them!):

I don't mind them stealing a little, but these girls are going to drain this at the rate they are going. That sugar mixture won't kill them, but neither will it make for good honey! So I've moved the feeder and we'll see if they find it. If so, I'll just have to take it down.

This was a quiet moment; there was quite the feeding frenzy going on at one point! Gordon was unperturbed.

Amazing how bees will find sugar, then go back and tell everyone else in the hive where it is.

Of course, now that I've moved it, I've got a bunch of confused bees flying around the patio door! "Where'd it go? Where'd it go??!"

Here's a video of the action:

Meanwhile, the chicks are still adorable.

I cleaned out their waterer right after I took this. They sure do make a mess!

Hope you're having a happy weekend.


  1. I just Javexed our hummingbird feeder tonight and cleaned it all up. There was a little fellow at it earlier, which reminded me it was one of those jobs that needed to be done.

    Your chicks are mighty cute, but don't they make a mess early on.

  2. Will the hummingbirds try to feed if bees are around their feeder?

  3. Musical Gardener, I try to stay on top of the hummingbird feeders but if it gets really, they sure need cleaning more often! And yes, those chicks are little pooping machines, when they're not kicking shavings everywhere. :)

  4. Ahab, they do try. In fact we saw one try to get at the bee-covered feeder yesterday, but he was repelled by the bees! I have seen them chase off a single bee, but when there are numerous bees, the bird usually gives up. However, I moved the feeder around the corner to my office window, and the hummingbirds have already found it this morning! (The bees have not, at least, not yet!) Bird brain trumps bee brain!


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