Monday, June 27, 2011

Another lovely cake!

Last Thursday night, while I was avoiding murderous motorcycling maniacs in Toronto, Gordon was at home hosting the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Stewardship Council's monthly meeting. Gordon is on the Council, and offered to have everyone over this month for a barbecue. I was supposed to be there but then my Uncle died, so I made all the salads before I left, and poor wee Gordon was responsible for making sure his guests were fed and entertained.

For dessert, we commissioned our friend Ronna to make a special cake for dessert. She put the Stewardship Council's logo on a delicious vanilla and chocolate layer cake!

Here's the actual logo:

Didn't she do an amazing job with the fondant? 

Gordon kindly saved a small piece for me, which I devoured upon my return. The rest of the cake was hoovered up by the Council in seconds!

To see photos of more of Ronna's incredible cakes, visit her Facebook page (and click "Like", because we're pushing for 300!)


  1. Okay, so like, when you put their logo up there, even I'm impressed. And I made the bloody cake! LOL.
    Just happy everyone loved it!

  2. I wouldn't like to think I had to leave my husband in charge of feeding the guests. I'd come home to a fridge full of food because he couldn't find it!
    Lovely cake Ronna.

  3. Great logo (did someone local design it?)

    Great cake!

    'Hoovered' - best mental picture yet today.

  4. Ronna did a great job on the logo. Cake looks wonderful and more importantly, that all the council member *hoovered* it up.

  5. Ronna, it's very impressive!

    LBM, I was worried, let me tell you. I made all the salads for him so he only had to barbecue the burgers and sausages, but in the end the head of the council did the barbecuing! Somehow they all managed to eat.

    Musical Gardener, I should ask who designed it. I do quite a lot of graphic design work for the council, but that log predates me. I really like it. A good logo takes a lot of thought.

    Paula, there was much hoovering. :)

  6. Anonymous9:58 am

    That is a beautiful cake - and looks delicious. Chocolate and vanilla ... mmmm.

    So glad you made it home safely, Natalie. Some circumstances call for F-bombs.

  7. It was YUMMY!!! ANd CogDis, I've decided not to drive to Toronto on my own again, lest I kill someone. ;) ALl that swearing is bad for my BP, too.


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