Thursday, June 02, 2011

Alex & Naomi's Ghetto Love

Okay, I spent too much time on this, so please shower me with adulation in the form of comments. Or at least encouragement...

When I was a kid, I was forever bugging my mother to let me make movies, and she was forever complaining about the cost of buying and developing Super 8 film, so I didn't get to make very many. If digital videocams had existed when I was a kid growing up in the 70s, I might have been the next Stanley Kubrick! Or not.


  1. Love it. Very sweet. Should I start calling you Stanley?

  2. Love the part near the end where they are in front of the window washing each other.
    You must have spent a great deal of time editing this...super job...the cat's meow!
    (sorry, couldn't resist)

  3. Good laugh. I love tri-pod.

  4. I wonder how much ended up on the 'cutting floor'. Herding cats is such an art, you did a super job!

  5. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Stan! another BRILLIANT MASTERPIECE!!!

    I love how they have their 'fight' right at the same time as the song ... and the looonnnnggg road to the parking lot (?) ..hahhaha. Excellent!

    Naomi is so tiny!!

    (and i actually have pretty good internet service didn't even stop to load once!)

  6. Great job, good choice of songs (although I'd prefer Peter Cetera's original - yes I know it would not be the same). Our former neighbour used to have a mate for Tripod - same colour and I think same leg.

  7. Okay... I was laughing three seconds in!
    I love watching Alex hop around - so cute!

  8. Superb! Put them under contracts before they learn that they are famous. After a couple of movies, you won't be able to afford the stars otherwise.

  9. Knatolee - this is awesome! you should post this on you tube. I love when Alex has his arm (or paw should I say) around Naomi. I can see that he gets a little testy w/ her sometimes and has to put her in her place - ha,ha!

  10. Wow, you're so clever! Alex and Naomi look so sweet when they're all lovey dovey in the window.

  11. I looked and I looked but I must have missed the cameo by Sock Monkey.


  12. EXCELLENT! Filmmaking AND Chikkun Ranching (sorry, I'm from Vegas, I HAD to plug the Chikkun Ranch). Is there no end to your talents? Let us hope not!
    Those two have quite the little love affair going on; with just enough biting to add the neccessary "interest", so to speak.

  13. Ronna, knock yourself out!

    Vanilla Bean, I love it when they wash each other too. It's very cute!

    Fran, it amazes me how much raw footage you need for three minutes of video. imagine how much footage REAL movie-makers shoot! Wow.

    Dr. Sloth, THANK YOU! I always appreciate your exuberance over my videos, and the way you notice small details I think *I* only see!

    And what, no dial-up now?!

  14. Wandering Cat, Alex can really motor on three legs.

    Jams and Musical Gardener, thank you! I am more familiar with the Peter Cetera version too. :)

    Claude, I don't let them read the reviews. I hope that this way, their heads won't swell!

    Shelley, I will take a stab at putting it on YouTube. I love the way Alex puts his arm around Naomi too. He does that quite often!

    LBM, thank you. :)

    HWB, Sock Monkey is demanding too much cash now, so he's out until he becomes more reasonable.

    Katnip Lounge, there's always a little biting mixed in with the lovin' when it comes to Naomi and Alex!


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