Monday, June 27, 2011

Growing, growing... almost grown!

The chicks are growing like weeds. They turn two weeks old on Wednesday and are already getting cute little feathers! I love their fluffy tails.

Little sweetie!

"Please may I peck out your eyeball?"

Future egg producers!

Their wings are all feathered out now.

Growin' like a weed.


  1. All I can think of is your big ole nasty roosters, molesting these young ladies...

    ha ha ha!

  2. I can see that your *family* in Apple Hill missed you while you were away.

  3. Sadly, Katnip, me too! :) We figured six more hens would help spread out the rooster love-load. Men!!

    Paula, they did! :)

  4. Anonymous10:03 am

    Such pretty little girls. I hope Errol and Beaker and Lord Gaga at least have the gallantry to be gentle at first and engage in a little unselfish hen foreplay.

  5. Sadly, CogDis, I know that the day those six hens enter the coop will be the day there's a three-way cherry-popping contest down in the barn. :(

  6. Anonymous11:25 am


  7. Beaker Boy6:13 pm

    "Who's first for Beaker then? Line up girls... I said line up, not run away... Oh well, I'm going to catch you, you know... Not quite yet though... something to look forward to... Something for ME to look forward to. Heh, heh... Cock a doodle ding dong..."

  8. Beaker Boy, you have no shame! I know you are going to be the chief cherry-popper...

  9. "Beaker Boy", if that's your real name, you are FREAKING HILARIOUS!!


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