Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy Quebec Day!

Or St. Jean Baptiste Day, or the Fête nationale du Québec if you prefer! I may celebrate with poutine. Other than that, it's a slow news day and I need to get out of my pajamas and into the shower.

I notice I don't get as many comments when I upload cute and cuddly animal photos, so today I bring you weirdness from our cross-Canada drive last year (the quasi-epic move from BC to QC, which was not quite as epic as the move from NS to BC in 2003!)

Here is my interesting portrait of my long-suffering husband, known in French as "Pauvre Gordon" ("poor Gordon"):

Here is my foot, resplendent yet in need of a manicure (which I got when we finally arrived at the Four Points Sheraton in Gatineau, Quebec), on the dashboard as we entered Cypress County, Alberta:

And here is what we saw a LOT of last August: bugs meeting their messy and sudden end on our not only our windshield, but every portion of our car:

Excuse me, there is a cuppa tea out there with my name on it.


  1. Good thing Gordon had a clean nose!

  2. I think you said it all when you called him Long-suffering. Good use of the word. :o) Also, you need to come to FL in May and get pictures of our Love Bug season.

    I couldn't find a great picture of a car filled with bugs but this link give you more info.


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