Sunday, June 03, 2007

Fun with an eraser

Happily, I finished the last of my children's book illustrations on Friday. This project started TWO YEARS ago, and I have been working on the final colour drawings for six months. I can't believe I'm done. Now I just need to get them scanned and sent to the publisher.

But I did get a bit bored one day last week, and starting doing what I used to do waaaaaay back in my college years, when I got bored in class: playing with the kneadable eraser:

Not sure what it is. Maybe an Anaheim Duck about to throw itself on the sword of an Ottawa Senator! Bwahahaha! GO SENS GO!

Meanwhile, back at the birdfeeder someone is getting a LITTLE TOO COMFY:

I do believe that's the first time I've seen a squirrel fully reclined in one of my feeders.


  1. Hooray! Congratulations!! Seems to me you should be emulating that squirrel, only with, say, margaritas instead of birdseed.

  2. Love the squirrel picture. Unfortunately I've discovered that my feeder is growning plants! Seems all the rain we're getting is making my seeds grow!! blech.

    Oh, and love the eraser dude. :-)

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl

  3. Hmm, well, that does at least mean your seed is fresh, if it germinates! :)

  4. The birds do seem to enjoy it, I can barely keep the feeder filled.

    Unfortunately the hummingbird feeder isn't attracting any hummingbirds so that's discouraging.

    ~ Wolf Lover Girl


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