Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Scarf baby

My friend's daughter accidentally left her doll, Baby Bape, at our house. I had a little bit of hand-dyed slub left over from my scarf project, so I decided that Baby Bape needed a nice scarf for those dark, wet nights of BC winter. I hope Malina likes it!

Our cat Zoë got up close and personal with Baby Bape too. Well, not of her own accord.


  1. How sweet! I'm sure baby Bape and her person will enjoy the scarf.

    A couple years ago I made a fairly ugly doll quilt out of some fabric scraps I had handy. My girls love it--it gets daily use. So kids do appreciate hand made.

  2. Awww, that's very nice. And look how she has the same sanguine opinion of the scarf as she does of the cat. How polite!

  3. I discovered yesterday that Baby Bape is a BOY. Oops. And here I made a pinky scarfy to go with his pink dress.

    My friend Eileen told the little girl that she needs to get Baby Bape some manly trousers! :)

    Baby Bape, cross-dresser extraordinaire!

  4. I had suspicions about Bape from the moment I saw the shape of that mouth.

    Love the scarf. Sure Bape does, too.

  5. Please post a new entry. Bape is starting to creep me out - he's sort of like a mutant, mini-Chuckie, or something.


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