Thursday, October 27, 2005

Desk of a madwoman

As some of my friends (and my darling husband) will tell you , I am a bit of a neat freak. However, when I am being very productive creatively, my desk turns into a giant, uncharacteristic mess. I did clean up a bit last night because I kept losing my pencil sharpener underneath all the paper.

Here is my photographic essay on the Desk of a Madwoman (or creative genius, or something.) If you click on each photo, you'll get a larger version that will enable you to read the witty commentary.


  1. Oh, dear, what do our desks say about us. It's fer damn sure they're screaming CLEAN ME!!!!!!! Yeah, like that's gonna happen!

  2. Dear Bape.

    I received your proposal. I love you, too. It's not you. Really. It's me. Really. But the answer is still NO!!!!

    P.S. Not that I'm not flattered....

  3. That one illustration? Is that a snake about to become road pizza? Or a girl, enchanted by a snake, about to become road pizza?

  4. Nononono! The herpetologists have stopped their truck in the road, because they saw the snake. He is about to catch it with a snake hook and put it in the bag she is holding!

    Later on the snake gets to eat a kangaroo rat.


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