Friday, October 14, 2005

Nostril Art

Back in December 2003, my husband and I, our three cats, dog and gecko drove across Canada from Nova Scotia to British Columbia in our Mazda Protege 5 hatchback. Journey of a lifetime to be sure. And today it occurred to me that I must do a webpage for that trip, because I have some amusing photos. Anyway, when you are bored in a car, why not take a self-portrait of your nostrils? Fortunately mine aren't terribly hairy. I can't say that this is my most flattering self-portrait, however.

Knitting is also a good driving activity. Okay, well, NOT if you are the actual driver! As you can see, I managed some socks on the cross-Canada tour. We were somewhere in Northern Ontario when I took this shot. I loooove knitting socks. Socks are good therapy! I even knit a pair of socks when we travelled through Cambodia and Vietnam last year. At the Vietnam airport, I had a nice group of older Korean ladies watching me intently as I knit. Then they shared their candies with us. :)

PS: Yes, my feet are big. They are size ten. And they rarely have nail polish on them like they do in this picture!

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  1. I can't believe that no one, not a soul, has commented on my nostril art. I'm disappointed in you people!


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