Wednesday, April 02, 2014

More Sri Lanka fun!

Had quite an excellent day!

This is the bridge over the lagoon to the island where our chalet is in Tangalle. I'm just glad I didn't have to carry my own suitcase across it.

They have sit-on kayaks that you can take out anytime, so we've been going out every day.

Lots of beautiful birds and wildlife in Sri Lanka. Here is an Asian Openbill and a juvenile (I think) Black-headed Ibis...

Here's Mr. Relaxation in his kayak!

Oh look, it's my mother. No, wait, it's me!

When in doubt...

"Keep calm and pet a cat", like the t-shirt says!

New boat, old boat!

After our happy morning of kayaking, we had some lunch by the beach...

Calamari for Gordon (and beer)...

Noodles 'n' prawns for me!

Then later this afternoon, we visited the Mulkirigala Rock Temple.

Yes, we climbed to the top of that rock. Inside are a series of caves filled with Buddhist statuary and art. Amazing!

Here's the view from part-way up...

And one of the huge reclining Buddhas...

It's a very large rock!

More Buddhas and a beautiful painted ceiling.

Another reclining Buddha.

And worshippers around a large Buddha (not in photo) who had reached enlightenment.

Before they got power in 1979, the monastery was lit up by oil lamps placed in these triangular holes in the walls.

Our guide told me not to step on this bug. But no one said I couldn't photograph it!

At the foot of the rock was a primary school built with some funding from Canada...

A nice rendition of our flag!

And on the  way back, we saw them harvesting rice with a combine-harvester type machine...

Here's a close-up.

Looks like a bit of a Franken-machine!

Tomorrow we head for Tissamaharama and the wildlife park at Yala!


  1. Lovely photos ! Glad your having a good trip ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !

  2. Just my kind of vacation! The painted ceiling is rather lovely...and the neat was seeing our flag on the wall?!
    I'm guessing that the bridge is a no go area after dark...or a few wobbly pops!
    What are the temps like? Go on...we can take it,it's above freezing here.
    Jane x

  3. Your mind must be bent at every corner. In one day you saw many very different things compared to what we have here.

  4. What a beautiful and interesting place! Lovely photos too.

  5. You both look smart in your Canadian Tilley hats! Thanks for bringing us along to the Mulkirigala Rock Temple, lagoons, and giant rice combiner machine!

  6. What fun and more fun. Do they have BLT's? I enjoy your photos. Wonderful!

  7. What an incredible holiday.

    P.S.: Your mom is hot!!!

  8. I know I'll never get there, so thanks so much for the personal tour.

  9. What a beautiful and peacefull post!

  10. Did you climb up the face of that rock, or was there some sort of path??
    Your noodles and prawns made me very hungry, even though I just had lunch!

  11. I love seeing your photos; you really make it looks quite peaceful.

  12. This looks a fabulous place to visit.

  13. So on the harvester they used cloths instead of baling twine or duct tape to keep it working?

  14. Wow, that'll teach me! I haven't been writing or reading blogs for a couple of weeks and just discovered that you'd left the continent. The photos are wonderful and fascinating. What a trip!


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