Saturday, April 26, 2014

A plethora of piglets!

Day 7...  Newsflash! They're STILL CUTE!

The cuteness, it burns! I love this little one. She is always checking me out!

A tiny cutie!

Gordon is rather fond of the piglets!

And boy, do they get around!

There's my little bold one again. She's the only pink one without a spot on her nose.

Supper time! I tried to wash Ophelia's face yesterday and she was having none of it! She is so tolerant of many things, including my hand on her face, but a wet washcloth? Forget it!

They are so cute and curious!

See? Little pink nose is checking me out again!

They decided to root around Mama's supper dish.

Waaait a minute!

Suckle suckle suckle..

And then Pink Nose figures it out and gives me the eye.
"There's no milk in there!!'

Ophelia needs a lot of naps these days...


  1. Ophelia is really putting on the pounds! No wonder she needs those naps! Do you feed her a lot more? Gordon looks great holding his little piglet friend!

  2. I have a feeling pink nose won't be leaving the home-front. They are adorable.

  3. Squeeeee cute I would say :)
    Happy CATurday !

  4. I thought I was partial to the little black ones, but you've convinced me Miss Pink Nose is the piggy to watch. They are all staying with you, yes?

  5. That top photo is incredibly cute :-)

  6. I'll never look at bacon the same way again. ; )

  7. They are adorable! So, what are you going to build to house your eight piggies?

  8. Pleasing piglet plentitude (provided not needing a lifetime of care from me).

    Cat Cafes are becoming quite popular in Europe, with long waiting lists for a table to take coffe with cats around you. Perhaps you could open a Piggy Pub?

  9. And I think I know why little pink nose may be eying you up, wondering how to get the milk out of that big mamma?

  10. Thanks for the picture of Gordon - it helps us see how tiny the babies are.
    There must be a contest somewhere in which you can enter that first picture!

  11. So cute. Those eyelashes!

  12. These guys have it pretty soft with the heat lamps.

  13. They are totally adorable. I like the black ones :) .... ok the pinkies too!
    Any names yet?

  14. Anonymous10:48 pm

    OMG! A thesaurus-worth of cute words needed here!

  15. Awsome. Just in case you need to name then: Willie Wurst, Sausage patty pig, yummi kisses, miss peggy, baconator,. pig in a blanket and Sue`´s Ripplets come to my mind.

  16. So cute, you need to keep pink nose!

  17. Anonymous12:07 pm


  18. Oin!!!!!!!! I´m in love!!!! ♥

  19. They are all adorable and so easy to love. But Little Pink Nose?!! She needs to come live in Spain... And I promise no harm would come to her. Jerry has wanted a pot-belly pig for years!


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