Monday, May 30, 2011

Who you callin' chicken

Because I know you can't get enough of my chickens...

Lord Gaga and his ladies Buttercup and Georgiana!

He takes good care of the little woman! So chivalrous.

Beaker and Tina Turner. Not only does she eat snakes, but she can knock Beaker to the ground when he gets his groove on!


"Make sure..."

 " get my best side!"

Georgiana likes to play the field. Errol Flynn is her big boy.

Ellie, probably still a virgin given how many times I've seen her beat the crap out of a rooster! She especially likes to pull out Lord Gaga's tail feathers.

Beaker shaking his magnificent... mane? Locks? Ruff?

The lovely but fierce Penelope.

"You touch my eggs, you die."

I think Penelope is really Errol's favourite wife....

...but Georgiana, who is more of a concubine, will do in a pinch!

And now, Julius has demanded some air time....

...but I had to help him with the camera!


  1. Growing up, I'd heard the stereotype that roosters are aggressive and fight with each other for dominance. And yet, your roosters peacefully coexist (and are such handsome, charming fellas to boot), throwing that stereotype out the window.

    Does rooster temperment vary with breeds or upbringing?

  2. You must know that you HAVE TO illustrate (and write?) a book about this particular group of chickies. I think you could make it quite hilarious. Hugs

  3. I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd look forward to reading about chickens...but I do! Your crew is so entertaining. Do the hens have to be fertilized for them to lay? I am a chicken ignoramus.

  4. Wonderful shots of your chooks. I love Penelope - what breed is she? She looks a bit Silver Grey Dorking but kind of fine boned for them. Makes me miss my birds. I had quite a few Blue Andalusians and crosses thereof - they were really attractive, but not very friendly - kind of like coloured leghorns.

  5. Anonymous8:18 am

    Ooh, I love Deb's idea A LOT. It would be hysterically funny and beautifully illustrated.

    I love that I feel like I am on a first-name basis with your chickens. Well, all your animals. Awesome!

  6. Anonymous8:20 am

    ... The plot could involve some chickens who thought they were going to be raptured ... just thinking out loud here.

    P.S. My captcha is "chici." I'm not even kidding.

  7. I love it. Funny! Love your chickens!! I agree with'd make a good book with your chickens and your style.

  8. Mere words cannot express how gorgeous your chicken are!
    Was Beeker trying to emulate Julius by "puffing up"? Obviously more of a camera hog than Julius!

  9. Ahab, I didn't know much about roosters until I got them. These three get along really well. I have read that three roosters are better than two, as they establish a sort of pecking order amongst themselves. As well, these guys grew up together from a very young age, which helps. Finally, I think how you treat roosters can also affect temperament. You have to let them know that you are head rooster. I read up on all that stuff, and we did all the things you're supposed to (like gently knocking them off hens if they go at it in front of you) and it has worked for us. I'm glad the three of them get along! We've had them for coming up on a year now.

  10. Deb, it's in my head on and on my to-do list, and I am dying to get drawing some chickens. Too much other crap to get out of the way this summer. I'm try to work it all out! I have a few books lined up in my head...

  11. Katnip, that makes me really happy! I never knew chickens were such fun until we got them. They always make me smile! You're not an ignoramous; I didn't know much at all until we started keeping them. Hens lay eggs with or without a rooster (sort of like a woman ovulates with or without a man!) but of course only fertilized eggs can turn into chicks. Some people don't bother with roosters, but we decided to take the plunge last year and we've really enjoyed their antics.

    I collect the eggs at least twice and day and then refrigerate immediately, so there's no danger of anyone finding an embryo in our eggs. No time for that to happen.

  12. Musical Gardener, I think Penelope is a cross. We got her (and the roosters and the other funky chickens) from a guy on our road who breeds lots of fun varieties. I think the only "purebred" we got out of that was Errol the Plymouth Barred Rock rooster. The rest was a party pack! If anyone else has any ideas, let us know! Blue Andalusians are LOVELY! I just Googled them to see pics. Wow!

  13. Cog DIs, I have to get on this! i have so many ideas! And the raptured chicken idea is cracking me up. Glad you feel "close" to our animals. The chickens are quite a collection of characters!

    PilgrimsCottage, thank you for the encouragement! :)

    Elisabeth, Beaker is all EGO! He's such a funny little guy. I used to call him "Kitten" when he was little and I still thought he was a girl, because he liked being petted. Then hormones set in...

  14. Oh and Ahab, I think breed CAN affect rooster temperament. ANyone out there know for sure?

  15. I bought this on a whim in B&N the other day:

    Yours are just as nice!

  16. Chickens have such fabulous insouciance! Your cats, too, actually. In fact, you seem surrounded by it. Do you notice any particular effect on your self-esteem?

  17. Oh yes, breeds of chickens in general can affect their temperament. Roosters included. I love Beaker, especially that mane pic!

  18. Jim!! I bought that book for Gordon, as well as the one that came before it. :)

    Nance, I feel like lowly peon around here...

    Lynn, Beaker gets a LOT of attention when people visit. He always seems to be the favourite!


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