Thursday, June 24, 2010

Une bonne amie, a wonderful border collie, and fine French cheese!

Meet Denver! He is a wonderful, well-trained border collie who responds to commands in French (not unlike our own dogs, although they have become a little more bilingual over the past three years!)

Denver loves a good tennis ball. He is being fostered by our friend Marie-Emmanuelle, who also fostered our dogs Sophie and Tristan for a couple of weeks before we took them in 2007. She is a dog-lover extraordinaire and also a great trainer (using all positive reinforcement!) Her own border collie Bïa looks like Einstein next to our dogs.

Marie-Emmanuelle came to visit us today and brought along Denver. She also brought along some fine raw-milk cheese from Québec. Oh, so good! We had a great visit and went out for a leisurely lunch. Gordon had a holiday today as he works in Québec, which celebrates Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, aka the National Holiday.

Sophie and Tristan were extremely excited to see Auntie Marie-Emmanuelle. It's too bad I didn't think to take pictures of them. I don't think they've ever forgotten her.

I took Marie-Emmanuelle down to the coop to visit the chickens and give them some treats, in this case some scratch feed. The chickens were most pleased by this!

The hen-girls make everybody smile!

Isn't Denver a wonderful dog? And note the Montréal Canadiens I.D. tag on his collar. He's a true fan hockey fan!

What a wonderful day! Marie-Emmanuelle is a fine, kind person and we will always be grateful to her for matching us up with our beloved dogs, Sophie and Tristan, who were taken in by her after their owner tragically passed on.

And the cheese is reeeeeally good too!


  1. Border collies are at the top of the dog intelligence list. My BC son has had one for over 14 years and they absolutely dote on each other.

  2. love the striped curtains on the nesting boxes!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Nice lady, nice post! I love the photos!

    Send cheese and I'll bet I'll love that, too. :)

  4. Lookit all you farmin' oafs! No boomin' rap-metal in the street below for you!

    *Aaah, how I wish I could move to the countryside and raise chickens and ferrets (and find a way to keep them apart) while waking up to only a couple of birds instead of a siren down Hospital Alley yet again, to hear the sound of rain only because of the pitter-patter on my roof and not the 165 bus churning it up in its wheels.

    Ya damn country bumpkins. Ya don't knows whats youse missins.

  5. What a beautiful dog.

  6. He's so cute! i love how fluffy collies are!

  7. Fran, the border collie puts most dogs to shame in terms of brain power!!!

    John, those are old tea-towels, cut in half! Fancy, eh?

    Marylee, the cheese is gone, alas.

    Chef Nick, I lived in downtown Toronto (and Montreal, for that matter.) I've done my time! The first night at our place in T.O., there was a drug take-down in the alley next to our house, complete with cops leaping fences and barking German Shepherds. I like the sounds of mooing and clucking better. :))


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