Monday, June 14, 2010

Flowers of the wild

I am trying to get better at identifying Ontario wildflowers, so I took my camera out on my walk with the dogs today.

First I found Sophie chowing down on these wild strawberries:

I joined in. They are tiny and delicious!

Meanwhile, the wild black raspberries are coming along great. If I can get my act together, I would really love to make jam with them this year:

And in the woodlot, a spit bug left a goober on a white pine:

And the algae is growing well in the pond. The frogs love it in here!

And now for flowers. Say hello to the ubiquitous, invasive, but cheerful ox-eye daisy:

The northern blue flag, a lovely wild iris growing all over the damper bits of our property:

Milkweed flowers ready to burst open. I think farmers are less than fond of these, but monarch butterflies love them:

A goat's beard seed-head, not unlike a dandelion on steroids (not unlike the University of Waterloo's drugged-out football team!):

Droplets on a blade of grass (not a flower but it's called creative license!)

Canada anemones. They are all over the place right now:

And the spiky seedpod of the Canada anemone:

Bladder campion:

Not the most attractive name, but a pretty cool flower. I loved them when I was a kid. They made me think of ladies' bloomers. Now they remind of my orange cat Julius's "fluffy pantaloons," as we call them!

I have a copy of The ROM Field Guide to the Wildflowers of Ontario, which was very helpful with this post!


  1. You're making me miss my old country home! Onmy walk at work today I picked myself some daisies and wild snap dragons that were growing in the ditch

  2. Love the flowers!

  3. Ahhh, I do love the wildflowers! I will pick a bunch today, WanderingCat!

  4. I remember picking up so many of those flowers when we spent summers in the Laurentiens (Laurentides) in my youth. First time I know their names. Thank you. Knatolee.

  5. Claudia, I had to look up most of the names!:) I am trying to memorize them but my brain is slow.


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