Thursday, September 08, 2005

Spidergurlz: The Band

The girls have patched up their differences, sewn Silky Booty's head back on, dropped some legs, and formed the FABULOUS ...

S P I D E R G U R L Z B A N D !!

Left: Dessicated Deb Spinneret (Waiting to catch you in her web!)
Rear: Our manager, Gord "The Injector" Venom Man
Front: The Amazing Tarantula Pants and her magic cheese hat
Centre: Silky Booty, keeping everyone on the straight and narrow
Right" Peg "Black Widow" Palps (She mates, then she kills...)

Here are the TWINS, our most excellent roadies
Gin (left) and Tonic (right.) Band fact of the day: Tonic's real name is LaTonda. Young, blonde and gorgeous... they keep the groupies at bay for us!

Tarantula Pants belts out a sexy solo:

The girls are hot and ready to rock. Call The Injector at 1-800-STIMUL-8


  1. Oh, for cryin' out loud - who took my boobs AGAIN...

  2. Anonymous12:36 pm

    God, I'm awesome. But ya'll knew that.


  3. Both of us, Peg - we've been hit with peroxide and a serious breast reduction procedure... it's the Parton Conspiracy, I tell ya!

  4. As long as whoever took my boobs does NOT return my hips, it's okay I guess...

  5. Your hips, my upper arms.... with ya, Sistuh!

  6. Band fact for 9/9: Few know it from the artfully presented photographic records, but Gin and LaTonda are conjoined twins. They have two heads, four boobs, four arms, two bellies, but are joined at the pelvis and share a very personal life.... the groupies are not, in fact, truly after the Gurls in the Band, but find G & T a fascinating way to live out their fantasy life. A twist of lime is recommended....


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