Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I am not worthy

Warning to all you husbands out there: If your wife has just rolled out of bed and is only on her first cup of tea and has thrown on some clothes and a leopard print headband so she can drag her sorry ass to the gym, it is perhaps not the best time to take an portrait shot with your new Nikon that captures every nose hair.

And even though I covered my face, he managed to make me look like I have a double chin.

Of course, I am a total ingrate. My Sweetie-Muffin MADE the tea in that cup and brought it to me in bed.
I am not worthy, I am not worthy....

Like the mug? My co-worker gave it to me 15 years ago when I worked at the hellhole called Starter Canada, designing graphics for their overpriced sportswear. I love that mug, loved my fellow graphic designers, but hated the company and was so pleased when it went bankrupt a few years after I left. It certainly didn't go bankrupt from overpaying its graphic designers!!! And stoopid, can you say stoopid? They fired some guy for stealing from the seconds room, then rehired him a few months later!


  1. Did you get a manicure before performing this particular gesture, or are your cuticles just naturally healthy?

  2. And did you choose a wedding ring with this gesture in mind?


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